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Out while I'm here, there's a company called and Sierra celebrating its hundredth anniversary and the secret to that success is leveraging best in class technologies such as adobe to help brands orchestrate personalized and contextualized customer engagement to drive superior business results. I also discovered it they one of a handful of companies that have earned three adobe specializations from an analytics, experienced manager and campaign. So I wanted to find out little who book elope and hold on tight. So I can is all the way to Vegas. So we can speak with Kelly Joe sand. And Suker Ma mature who's going to tell us all about and Sarah. So massive warm. Welcome to the show. Can you tell the listeners Alabama who you are? And what you do. Absolutely. Will. My name is Kelly Joe sans. I'm on the executive team at in Sierra. We are a marketing services and technology firm that really used technology like adobe to help her size contextualized orchestrate and building customer experiences for our brands and clients with Aaron customers, I'm a Sukumar with Yellen. So I work in lead of the marketing technology team within cajoles organization. I have a team of technology strategist audience, we help our for our customers Bill technology solutions and implemented on this Lucians Televisa's, not facial laughing should wish you a happy burst night because I believe I'm sorry. Celebrate his hundredth year anniversary is marketing services firm continue little bit more about your history and the role of technology, and he's continued success. Absolutely. I will be a hundred. Years this year just kind of amazing to think about about one hundred years ago. It was a family owned business. How we started. And if you remember the days of like madman is how I describe it to my friends at events such as the tear sheets where advertisers would run out in the newspaper. We're over indexing. No EM auto as vertical for us. So you think back to those days of Ford ran an ad in the newspaper. They'd have to prove the dealerships have to prove to the end that that ad is run that it was compliant meant brand standards that it actually was run in the newspaper to the specs that they get reimbursed funds for. So our firm started really as a tear sheet company tearing, you know, advertisements out of newspapers to prove to brands advertisements were run to release this op dollars into the channel and their partners. So I'm over the years, we've definitely diversified and expanded our service offerings as technology grew as marketing just in general and transformed. Our service offerings did as. Well, so we had a number of different acquisitions going from a private family owned business through the years. We're still a product would be back, but a very different mix of services and offerings. So leveraging technology like adobe to continuously kind of reinvent our service offerings and how our clients engage their customers. So what is she? If you mentioned adobe their way is your relationship with OBI various specializations in adobe products, which is adobe analytics at obese experienced major and adobe campaign vegeta- feud on our absolutely. So I'd always a great partnership for us definitely falls into what we call the strategic alliance here and of the partnerships that we have in Sierra on if you think back even ten years ago, as we were kind of growing as an agency really looked at the technologies that are brands and our clients used how to augment that how to integrate that very rarely did you find a client that had an all in stock, and as the marketing clouds of evolved, and as they started kind of their activity in buying other technology companies in the marketplace leaders emerged on Salesforce adobe oracle IBM, they all kind of formed their own marketing cloud. And so as we really looked through the years to narrow in on our strategic partners adobe is hands down one of the top tier for us. A lot of our clients have a lot of their tech. So that's nice be. They are just very innovative company. So there continuously pushing their products forward. And so as you leaned into that we looked at kind of the core components of what really drives customer engagement in at the core of it. It's data. It's content. It's you know, insights and kind of this were now in the machine learning aspect of it. But it's really that intelligence layer that you put on top of it, and then the outbound engagement so the channel kind of aspect to whether it's a website or an Email or an SMS or push message. And so as we started to look at activating our practice over the past couple of years, we really honed in on these kind of core components within the experience cloud, and we're really excited about this. Brief specializations we have who's very unique in the Martin marketplace indefinitely within the partner network for people out Sean of marketing listening all over the world. How do these specialized? Nations that help you to help runs orchestrate personalized and contextualized customer engagements actually drive business results accurately, so the adobe technology, very innovator. It's best in class. Absolutely. In a lot of a lot of the activation of the platform. Sometimes lay in the details of how the brands are going to use them in the end. So the specializations for us do a couple of things it definitely kind of validates our agency. Our technology kind of chops. If you will in the technology that we're talking about more implementing so that it's installed correctly. But more than that, it's configured and activated in a way that will really help brands realize the vision, and the the plans of student plans that they have that they want that technology to enable so the specializations for us really kind of activate our our resources so that they're certified both in the technology and the application, and then the specializations layer top of it the agency. Proficiency to implement the technology configure and ultimately drivers outs for clients emotional freshener, inbound juice, how much technology is Trump's full the world of marketing over the last full via shook you tell me a little bit more about how you'll mock gene technology teams of expertise in disciplines, his data integration events on a logistics technology enablement and customer experience. Yeah. Absolutely. I think, you know, the the whole marketing technology industry is just growing rapidly many many fascinating place to be in. If you just see the marketplace in general in the last five years just the solutions has grown over sixty seventy percent component annual grocery, so which means customers have lots and lots of options to choose from. You'd think of anything within marketing that is a solution. That's available today. Right implementing those solutions people have done it. And they've done it in independent silos. So the true marketing success Israeli allies. By collecting all this data together. And making sure that venom of the customers are interacting with the brand in many many channels. So we should be able to collect the data. So we have to have that expertise built within the organization to be able to integrate collect the data not only in in the batch Mawr. But also in real time as the interactions are happening. I'm collecting the data, and then I should be able to actually consolidate data build intelligence in the data. Right.

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