Trump, Tino And Assault discussed on The Candace Owens Show


Promoting peace in the rally and give it a lot of all does the media plans because when you say they're all black people that are causing his Russian. It actually makes me sad. It makes me sad. Because this is what I say is that the media encourages black people to act like animals, and we and we do it every time like they they view us like props as the way that I feel like they think that we're their emotional props. And they want us to be there. Shields. Let's say I'm not going to get arrested. Tino harm. I'm a white collar democrat. Right. I'm not gonna interested. But can I inspire that black girl to think that there's something so crazy on that? She has to go get arrested at Trump rally right kinds buyer that black girl to show that she asked to go assault. Police officer at a Trump rally, and this is how I feel white Democrats us black people because they put us on the front lines. When you look at black lives matter injected, the money came from white people, but the people that were put out on the front lines getting arrested were all black because like I said they can use that as leverage points racism

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