Marijuana-related ER visits climb at Colorado hospital


Show. So they say Kim abyss related. ER visits tripled in Colorado after legalization of marijuana. They say thirty three hundred patients visited the emergency room at UC health university of Colorado hospital alone related to marijuana back in two thousand twelve but then that jumped to ten thousand by two thousand sixteen. Most of them had GI symptoms toxication or acute psychiatric symptoms. They say ER visits related to edible marijuana around eleven percent between two thousand fourteen in two thousand sixteen. And the research. Researchers say their findings suggest edible cannabis products. Maybe more toxic than marijuana that has smoked or. Eight. So. All right. We have been dying for data to come out of Colorado. I'm not sure why it's taking so long. But we legalize marijuana Colorado. And then I believe we did Washington, California and other states, and now we have a whole bunch of six following suits. And I'm okay with the legalization of marijuana Ivan. Okay. With that. In fact, the voted for it. Because I wanted us to study a more, and I wanted to police freed up so they could deal with, you know, more severe sort of crimes. However, I wanted it to be legalized was certain. Certain. How do I certain societal measures in place like, you know, how are we going to prevent kids from buying it and getting sold to kids and us dealing with second hand smoke and drivers are we going to have a means to are we going to have a means to? Tests people who could be created or toxic it and now, no, no, that's not the way things. Go in politics. Everything is a a one fell swoop sort of attitude just like with healthcare. Obama comes in the congress decides to make this big huge stupid ACA Bill twenty two hundred page Bill, and we have to now deal with all the ramifications, and we can hardly fix all the mess that it made while we're kind of in that same problem with legalize marijuana. And again, I was four legalizing marijuana. What I wasn't for is the speed and the haphazard and the half ass way. We were doing it. And I'm driving down the highway and I'm smelling pot. I'm driving behind people that are obviously intoxicated. And what are we doing about it? And now kids kids are having access to marijuana. Now. True kids have access to alcohol kids have access to cigarettes. They have access to things are not supposed to have access to. But you know, we just went from zero to ninety and and we didn't figure out how to very very subtly incorporates a legalize marijuana system into our society. And legislators just do that same thing with the opioid crisis. The opioid crisis. Rather than going? Okay. Let's break this down four hundred people died in Nevada of opioid use. All right before we make any laws can we figure out what those four hundred people died of last year the year before. It's three hundred ninety five of them died from heroin. Let's make a law. Right. You know, helping our law enforcement officers seize and arrest those trafficking heroin. If three hundred ninety nine of those four hundred a word because Dr Joe gave a thirty pill-prescription tab, then we restrict narcotics in the states. But no, no, no, no. That's not what they do. Legislators are worried because they got a timetable. They ain't got their election coming up. So they have to make a glove. They have to make a super quick we are going to legalize. We're going to please everybody legalized. We'll get California. I gotta give credit credit. They had a little bit more of a plan. I don't know if it was long enough, but they had certain restrictions and not everybody could go and get a license and. You know, they had a fairly slower rollout than some of the other ones. But the the rollout mostly had to do with who can own the dispensaries who could sell disturb you'd I really didn't see much of a plan on how we were going to limit secondhand smoke. How we're gonna limit it in public places, which is where I mean, I was getting buzzed off. Somebody who was smoking two stories above me in the hotel. So if you have a public place, and it's mostly a nonsmoking hotel. How are you going to protect because people smoking pot and the rule of smoke. Smoking pot is legal. But I get there's money. There's a lot of money. So, you know, it's been really really slow to get studies come out on what actually were the ramifications. But we're starting to get some stuff from Colorado at least. So they say thirty three hundred ER visits at the Aurora clinic or relate to marijuana two thousand twelve which jumped to ten thousand in two thousand sixteen and tripled. And there were also sharp increase for the rates of hospitalization and the team from the university of Colorado school medicine believes that not only will the visits increase as marijuana becomes more widely available and used them state, but the findings suggest that the edible products. Maybe more toxic then marijuana that has smoked invade. Now, this is huge because I've been telling individuals if you're going to take marijuana for whatever you think is going to help before I would smoke leave the lungs alone. The lungs are very delicate. I'd rather you eat it. It. Problem is is you get the buzz as quickly with eating. So you we more or the potency you'll get or getting into your bloodstream? You know and absorbed through the gut maybe change some of the gut flora, I don't know. But they are noticing that cannabis edibles. For causing a number of visits, and we want to put some data behind this. So they publish this in the annals of internal medicine and the team looked at patients who visited the ER at UCLA Chelsea university of Colorado hospital, they found that there was a threefold increase in cannabis associated visits during this time period about thirty three hundred patients visited the ER and two thousand twelve when just medical marijuana was legal. But then it shot up to ten thousand we discussed that. And they say thirty percent of Colorado are now currently using marijuana. Thirty percent. They say toxication was the second. Most common reason a third most common was acute psychiatric symptoms. What was I the cannabinoid, hyper emphasis syndrome? That's when you get these severe bouts vomiting cyclic vomiting, many of them want to take a shower. They see a shower seems to help their symptoms and the only way to stop it is to tell them to stop smoking marijuana. Now are ers are already pretty slammed. Now, people can say, well, let's just restrict you know, getting marijuana. Let's you know, what why are there? So many people smoking marijuana. Why are some people moving to it over? We're gonna talk after the break. There's a lot of seniors that aren't able to get their medication their pain medication. And there in a lot of pain. And so what are they doing? They're going to be using marijuana for the joints. So we are driving with a lot of our policies people going to marijuana. We stopped. We we did a great job with the tobacco epidemic. Told everybody quit smoking cigarettes a bad scared. Everybody. What did a great job, and I'm really proud of ourselves. But that just shunted everybody to the vaping or people went to food right rather than smoking to keep the weight down the eight. So now, we have obesity. Now, we have more joy issues, we have more pain issues back issues, and then rather than having pain medications accessible because the opioid crisis. We start limiting those. So people are gonna wanna pains not going to go away. And again, we're legislating faster. Then we set up the system in place, and so people end up going it's like the resistance and marijuana

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