Destin Daniel Cretton to Direct Asian-American Superhero Movie Based on Shang-Chi Character for Marvel Studios


News broke on the Hollywood reporter that destined. Daniel Cretin has signed on to direct Marvel's Shanxi movie. Which will Mark the studios very first superhero film with an Asian lead? So word of this project for surface back in September along with the news that marvel was going to fasttrack it, and they also tapped at that point writers penned the screenplay at that time. It was reported that marvel was looking towards Black Panther a little bit of a guide and a model just in terms of hiring Asian or or an Asian American director to helm this one other directors that were in the running included Justin tipping, Alan Yang and Deborah Chow. But of course, Cretin is the one that landed this gig. So from this point on marvel is looking to assemble a largely Asian American and Asian cast for the film. So hopefully, we get a lot more news on this very soon. But right now focusing on the director, Amy rose, what do you think? About destined getting this gig. I think it's a great choice short-term twelve most people didn't really know about Brielle arson before the room, but this was the little gem, and there's kind of something around the internet floating around that like this was like the magic well short term twelve because everyone who was in this movie, this has been a launch pad for a lot of success, and it's just such a talented cast, and he's an amazing director. And like it's about time. I feel like a rook a broken record talking about representation being so important in media. But it really is. And you know, I'm finally pursuing my dream of directing. But I didn't have a lot of role models growing up and that right there because there were probably ten I could count on my fingers female directors. And it's the same thing with having an all Asian cast Asian director with this property who's going to know the property better. So think it's a great choice. He has a lot of talent. And I'm glad that marvel and Holywood is still slow to change. But I'm glad that they are finally showing a little bit more

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