2019 Big Sky Tournament picks, predictions


Start with the Big Sky conference is a conference you when I actually like to talk about quite a bit over the course of the year here. Some very interesting things in this conference beginning with the fact that we've got a new venue in Boise, Idaho. Yeah. You know, this is the new you. I don't have any numbers on how it how it would do. But I think it's probably an under arena. You know? I mean, if you look at the images of this shoes for hockey, and boxing, doesn't like the best backdrop to me. I would venture to guess at the under will do pretty well here. I'm pretty sure the under will be steamed in these Big Sky game. So if you do like, the underneath games, I was just you play the earlier rather than later wanna get we talked about this with Tony George on Thursdays show. You know, he talked about how sometimes having a by really isn't an advantage for a team the six through eleven seeds play here in the first round on Wednesday. In fact, the first game of this tournament nine thirty AM Pacific time between northern Arizona and Sacramento state. But those six eleven teams get a chance to play again, she has to go out on play at this arena. I believe Idaho state. I think played at Boise state during the regular season. That was the only team that played in this. Venue? So we look at the rest of this conference tournament here. We've break down some of the odds in the Big Sky. You know, it's it's I don't wanna say it's completely wide open. But at the same time, you do have a favorite here Montana plus one sixty northern Colorado 235 Weaver state, five fifty eastern Washington nine hundred and then on down from there. Yeah. And I see the lines of changing right as we speak here on this Big Sky conference to talk about we've talked about it here quite a bit. Like, you said cap can arg would I think this is an interesting conference, and there's money to be made in games like this as far as standpoint here the way, I would break this down as Montana's the best team here if they're healthy. And I I don't think it's very close if Montana's healthy, but ako going to play tomorrow believe that's like pronounce it wrong. I apologize there. But the big man, they need him, you know, much higher upside with him. I think that Montana his vulnerable without him. You know, they've shown that here down the stretch. The thing is I think we are we states very dangerous team. They're they're far more talented than their record would suggest but a tough path for them. Because if you look at Weeber states drawl here, I mean, we were state plays Portland state in the first game Portland's been playing some really good basketball, Portland states another team. I would consider. Asleep or here in this conference?

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