White nationalism is an international threat on the rise


A country looking for answers this week answers to questions raised by the deadly attacks last Friday onto mosques in Christ Church. Here's prime minister just into our Dern today. I think what the public rightly are asking white now is why is it? And how is it that you should end currently able to buy military style semi automatic weapons in New Zealand, and that's the right question to ask our during government is already promising to announce changes to New Zealand's gun laws in response to the attacks. Another related question raised by the attacks should countries be developing a strategy to fight the global rise of white nationalism. Some countries are doing that. But many are not the Savan center here in the US analyzes emerging threats and global security, and they argue that the federal government government's generally need to address right wing extremism, specifically white nationalism with the same focus as they address other areas of global terror. So what would that look like calling Clark is a senior research fellow at the Sufa center. There's multiple pillars in laying out that kind of strategy. The first is I'd like to see some congressional hearings on on the topic. Just speaking personally, I've been called to testify on the threat posed by south Jihadist, maybe three times in the last year and a half. You don't see that same sense of urgency with right wing extremism. At all. I think there's also a funding issue in terms of countering violent extremism programs and other programs aimed at preventing terrorism. Those seem to be earmarked specifically for for terrorism that's related to Jihadist groups and not for rattling groups, and then lastly, and I think these are really at kind of the the higher Schettino level. I'd like to see some kind of a quivalent to what the State Department has for designating foreign terrorist organizations. So whether that's the FBI taking the. Lead or the department of homeland security some domestic agency that's able to do the same thing for domestic terrorist groups is it possible to rearrange funding at the federal level like the global war on terror still kind of can trigger authorization for use of military force around the globe. So why can't those funds also address white nationalism? Yes. So there's always a lag theft and dealing with this. When you look at the amount of analysts that are dedicated to focusing on Qaeda, sonic state compared to right wing nationalism. I think it's probably extremely disproportionate. It's not a threat. That's emerging the threat is here. It's right in front of our faces and we need to wake up to. It's sooner rather than later. Are there countries that you see that are doing work on this that you think they're they're models are that we can actually the US can actually learn from? I think both Germany and the UK have recognized how significant this threat is starting to shift resources in that direction. I know that in Germany. There are plans to increase their ranks by fifty percent for researchers that are studying the right wing threat domestically. Similarly in the UK there's been an eighty eight percent increase in counterterrorism operations as part of investigations into far-right extremist activities. These are countries that we have long standing relationships with. And I think I think there's a lot that we could learn in terms of best practices from what these countries are doing and again, putting the pieces together because this isn't an issue that just affects the United States or Australia or the UK. This is a global movement just like self Eugene autism. And we've really been slow to recognize that why do you think the US has been slow to recognize that I think there's a lot of probably social political and cultural reasons why why we've been slower to recognize the threat of right wing extremism. But that's not an excuse particularly given events of last year. I'm talking you took to today from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I live. In squirrel hill. I've lived there for ten years. And so that's where the shooting at the synagogue happened yet the tree of life shooting. So this is this is something that's impacted my life personally. And and I, you know, I know for fact because I talked to the researchers regularly that they believe that this is an issue as well. I think again, I mentioned the lag affect we need to start moving on this immediately to get the proper balls authorities and policies funding streams in place to tackle the stret- head on. I mean nine eleven was profound a shock to the US system. Is it possible? Do you think the track any form of extremism without overlaying with race and political identity? It's tough. I mean, especially in this country where we really struggle with those issues. That's apparent right? And so there's these kind of political landmines that people are wary of stepping on. And so I think we have to have an honest Frank discussion, and that that that's really not only occur at the grassroots level. But there's gotta be some leadership driving that from

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