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There was one big news item from today that he clipped everything else. News item. That was really the only takeaway that you should have had from today's events. And that was the release of the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie Star Wars Episode nine which apparently is going to be titled now, the rise of Skywalker, and that title in and of itself is a strong indication of the direction they're going with this film. And I'm encouraged I'm encouraged by what I saw it was very. Cautious going into watching this thing, and we should still be cautious. Because trailers only a trailer. We have no idea what this movie's extra end up being like once it comes out. But you know, just give you a little bit of context. In case. You're you're not a hard core Star Wars fan, which is probably likely for significant portion of this audience. There's a lot of controversy in the nerd universe. Right now, particularly when it comes to Star Wars, and that's because of the the last movie, which was called the last Jedi which detoured significantly from a lot of the established cannon and established rules of the narrative that had been laid down in previous films. And when I I watched the last yet I episode. I was actually okay with it. I actually liked it. My my first viewing when I walked out of the theater. But my opinion changed as I let it breathe a little bit. As the film aged on me, and I became less and less of a fan of it to where. Now, I'm more in the camp of folks who say this movie was a travesty and what informed that judgment for me was less the actual content of the movie itself. Then learning that, you know, my presumption had been that Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy was the president of Lucasfilm, and that they had this story group because they made this big deal when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they made this huge deal out of how going forward, you know, they basically threw in the trash can all of the non film cannon that had been established books comics video games. What have you up to that point? And said we're starting fresh the only thing that exists in this fictional universe. Are the movies and one of the cartoon shows? And that's it. Everything else is fair game. We're starting fresh new books. New movies, new comics? And in order to keep it all together, we're going to have this editorial story group. This core group of people is going to keep their hand on the helm and steer. The sheep of this franchise going into the future and make sure that everything's interconnected and make sense and has common themes that the stories interweave with one another. And so that you can have this kind of joint experience sort of like, the marvel films, right? The marvel cinematic universe. And so presuming that that was the case I walked out of the last jet. I think in myself man, there's a lot of stuff in that movie that I did not expect. But hey, that's okay. Because presumably based upon the fact that they have a story group. It's all part of the plan. Right. Like, it's all building towards something. It's okay. That they didn't answer a lot of questions that have been raised by the force awakens. It's okay that they didn't explain who this person was who that person's heritage was or what the what the underlying political conflict. Even is why these people are even fighting in the first place, that's fine. Because it'll all be revealed later. It's all part of the plan. But of course, what we learned in the aftermath of the last Jedi. What was revealed much to the shock of many fans, including myself was that there was no plan. They they in fact had not been it wasn't as though Jj Abrams who directed the force awakens. Had handed a roadmap to Ryan Johnson who directed the last Jedi. And that Ryan Johnson built off that road map to create his movie important affect any idea any outline that Jj Abrams had and that the story group, which presumably is nothing apparently destroy group doesn't have any actual thority or oversight whatsoever. What's going on with this franchise? JJ handed his wanting to Ryan Johnson, Ron Johnson threw in the trash can and just did whatever he wanted with. No regard, and you can see this in interviews with him when he talks about his process, and he talks about writing he talks about why he made the choices. He made such as the choice to kill off the big villain the big looming shadowy villain in the background supreme leader. Snow? Just kill them off in the middle of the movie. When you listen to Ron Johnson talk about that. He says, well, you know, it was necessary for Kylo rinse character to come out from under the shadow of his master and become his own his own man, and to develop as a character is the right thing for my movie was the right thing for my story. Well, that's nice. But this isn't your story like this. It's your story in the sense that you're tasked with telling it, but you're coming into a well established narrative the and by the way, there's a movie coming after yours, right? That you have to be somewhat cognizant of being able to actually have a through line narrative that continues for one hall of the movie, and he just didn't care. He did whatever he wanted and worse than that worse than Ryan Johnson doing what he did Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm and the higher ups at Disney, let him do whatever he wanted. This is a stout. Like from a business perspective. Here's your thing. If you're not a Star Wars fan if you don't care about any of this stuff, and I'm talking about right now appreciate it from this angle. Appreciate it from as a business decision. Okay. You're the CEO of Disney. You're the president of Disney entertainment and marketing and Kathleen Kennedy runs one of your film studio divisions, Lucasfilm a hotly new acquired property that you paid. I forget how much they paid for it. But it was hundreds of millions of not billions of I'm sure it was billions of dollars that they paid for it. And you they put out that money with expectation that this is something that they're going to be able to milk forever, right? That there's going to be this, and they had plans from the time that Disney acquired this franchise. And these intellectual properties they started laying out their plans, if we're going to have a movie every year, we're going to have new theme park. We're gonna have tell live action television shows and cartoon shows and video games. And it's going to be this fantastic. New expansion of of merchandise, and storytelling that the fans are gonna love. And we're going to be milking in raking in the the dough for decades upon decades decades. So that was the plan. Well at the fantastic, right? Looks laudable goal from a business perspective. But then what they did was the equivalent of handing the keys to this Ferrari to a teenager and just saying have fun with no direction, no curfew, no guidelines as to whether or not he had a follow any sort of rules, or when when you should be back or where he's even going any knowledge of where he's going any terms on when he should be back. That's the equivalent of what they did with this multibillion dollar franchise that the that the it stood to lose billions of dollars on. So just as a corporate story is a corporate business story. It's extraordinarily fascinating that the m- the modern era of Star Wars under Disney has played out the way that it has. So there's your background. So then this trailers coming out for the ninth one and Disney has been very diplomatic. And protective of Ryan Johnson. And pretended as though everything's fine. Right because they're not going to acknowledge that they've screwed up. They're not gonna acknowledge that they've made mistakes. In the public sphere. But they know right. Like, it's van they're very well aware of the fact that the fan community is divided there. A lot of people who don't like the last Jedi and even more than not liking last Jedi. I they don't like how Disney has handled this property. They don't like the fact that there seems to be far less intention and care going into the making of these films, then has gone into the watching of them, which of course, is a recipe for disaster when you're dealing with genre. Fandom something is big Star Wars. And so going into the release of this teaser trailer today for the ninth and final Skywalker saga film. The expectations. Were you have got to blow people away you have to this has to be this teaser trailer needs to leave everybody wanting more. And if it doesn't then you might as well, just kissed the franchise goodbye. Those were the stakes. It had to be good. It had to be impactful people had it had to leave people excited that mission appears to have been accomplished. And watching this thing as a fan. You know, who's been a fan as long as I've been alive and been capable of comprehending. What I was seeing with Star Wars. It was really nice to see the kind of subtle reassurances that were laid out in this trailer that there was the way it was cut and the texts that they overlaid was Vakhitov of the first trailer for episode one the Phantom Menace that came out in nineteen ninety nine. I believe it was. So they're drawing that connection between. They're basically saying look we recognize this is the we're trying to connect the dots here between where things started. And where things are ending the inclusion of oyster over from Luke, the which was then very shocking reveal at the end of this thing that apparently the emperor the big bad from the first two trilogies is coming back in some way. Now, we don't know what form, but he's going to play a role in this film, which is completely unexpected. And more than makes up for the the loss of snow in the previous film. So now, I'm excited again. And I think a lot of people who were doubtful. About whether or not JJ was going to be able to land this thing Jj Abrams are excited once again about the potential of this movie coming out on Christmas. Now, we may be sitting here. Looking at New Year's twenty twenty and shaking our heads with our face, and our poems and saying well man, why do we let ourselves get excited again? But as of right now, I'm going to allow myself to have a little bit of optimism. So there's my there's my freestyle Friday completely apolitical pop culture commentary for you on Star

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