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To four or five nine five nine object cam look cnbc the dow crossed above twenty thousand just a year ago it's up thirty percent since then and even more now the dow's up one hundred ninety six the nasdaq thirty the s p nine caterpillar and three m driving the dow higher both stocks a record highs themselves caterpillar sold more construction gear three sold more adhesives shares of northrop grumman raytheon also at records profits arising right along with higher defence spending airline stocks down again today all lower american airline ceo doug parker told cnbc air fares are too low to cover her fuel costs a could mean higher ticket prices coming an fda advisory panel blowing smoke and philip morris saying it should not be allowed to say that its new electronic cigarette does not reduced or does reduce the risk of tobaccorelated diseases and a research group says toy sales grew one percent last year but nontraditional toys 'r up fourteen percent because of fidget spinners in achham olds truck hamlets cnbc the mastercard presents can't judge a book by its cover two luke kennard trai you can answer on the being keeping gene the the but in georgia book the curve pumping it a block but the last stop so when the bus at the top of the hat say one thumbs cutter we be like a petaluma sucks cats as a long what's now at bottom arkin the let nothing stop start something priceless to watch the music video mastercard dot com slash birth.

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