John Stossel: Is 2018 the year of the Libertarian Party?

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At present ironic that he's the a stolen i think he's an interesting bed you know if like let's say joe biden was running i may be less chances would be much less i would imagine humane big for hillary to win zia almost had to run against an absolute lunatic it was she would shortly running against joe biden though well you mean you mainly joe had shovel joe would joe would have got romney was in this year so 2012 or death i hope you're wrong romney i thought they he thought that him what about rubio or crunan crew not occurred that's hell he's worse than drought a uh late much but an an at picture him on the phone the other day god i am that was the best time i met him maim of it and it was like the death of a salesman who was apply bale of him doing that to cruise apparently is calling people on behalf of trump now that's how much he's one eight as a pinch would be hillary pretty badly yes now half of those because she's a woman have that is because of oceania seattle she's the clinton her husband hasn't all this dirt the miozzi saying her close ties to obama which half the country i think it would be more on board with the new trump seems to thank yummy we elected obama allows approval writing most liked him fifty five percent or something else is actually it's pretty is that are sitting in an area yet that's very high so because the economy turned room i know but like yeah i do think hillary.

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