Donald Trump marks Holocaust remembrance day with pledge of ‘By no means Once more!‘


Of that on his twitter saying that this is a day in which we mourn and grieve the murder of six million innocent jewish men women and children and millions of others who perished under the nazi genocide attending a ceremony in poland on these seventy third anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp in world war two secretary of state rex tillerson also meeting with top polish government officials in warsaw the united states was the first country to recognize the republic of old resolved right this since centennial though we also must remember and honour victims of the dark past though a former federal prosecutors investigation determined nobody had michigan state university knew of its gymnastics doctor larry nassar is history of sexual abuse these state attorney general bill schutte says he will also now investigate it will be thorough it will be transparent and it will be prompt opposing legal abortions protestors marching in san francisco the legal battle for the corpse of charles manson has been thrown out of a los angeles court as another potential air steps into the case and the grand some some of the.

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