Trump, Sanders and Menendez discussed on People's Gospel Hour


By the ad council despite president trump's recent controversial comments on certain immigrants lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are still trying to hash out in agreement to keep dreamers in the country they're the young immigrants brought here illegally by their parents despite being rejected by president trump a bipartisan group of sanders' continue seeking support for their immigration reform plan sender's graham durban flake bennett gardner in menendez said they have an agreement in principle and now they're selling it to both republicans and democrats durban spoke about his focus i have a singular mission that mission is to pass the remote to protect concern durban is also part of bipartisan talks between key leaders in the house and senate house speaker paul ryan has endorsed that groups efforts they want to see a path for gaca they we wanna see that it's not it's going to get kicked down the road that it's that it's going to get resolve on capitol hill mike emmanuel fox news.

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