California Issues Health Warnings On Cell Phone Exposure


Percent of americans you cell phones now california has put out groundbreaking guidelines to limit exposure to cell phone radiation john blackstone as more on this california officials say the warning about keeping your cell phone pressed up against your ear was issued largely because radiofrequency emissions could be damaging particularly to children now children on average a star at the age of ten and using cell phones for a lot of activities california's department of public health recommends using the speaker phone her headphones sleeping at least an arms length away from it and avoiding keeping it in your pocket the move comes after a threeyear long legal battle by joe moskowitz who forced the state to release a long secret study cell phone risk certainly there are those who say this is going to cause panic people are not going to give up these devices that's not what we're seeking where or seeking is that people take the appropriate cautions and reduce the risk substantially california's warning says that while the science is still evolving some studies suggest a link between high cell phone you send brain cancer lower sperm can and headaches this is just like the history of tobacco unlike sugar a show forgery actually useful as a shocker professor stand glance uncovered longsecret tobacco company research that reveal the dangers of smoking he's watching the science on cell phones the cases by no means closed yet but they're certainly enough evidence to be concern to the point that i don't easily carry a cell phone california is not alone in this warning the food and drug administration says on its website the risk is probably very small but suggest using speaker mode or a headset and apple includes a warning of sorts on all iphones but it's not easy to find you have to go to settings general about down to the bottom here to legal then to our effort exposure where finely apple suggests using headphones are the speaker phone to reduce exposure to radio frequency emissions jeff

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