Todd Gurley of Los Angeles Rams says it's 'dream' not to play in preseason


End of the game because five, minutes longtime incredibly long time for overtime I like the new rules I I. Can dig that are they are. They going to vote on that. It looks like this should be voted on there's there's no exact date this is an ESPN report Adrian Wootton aroused. Aroused but yeah there's no exact date but it. Does sound like the NBA board of governors are expected to pass that will change including. A few other ones as well that very, good should be interesting another one here, from the NFL I just love this because Todd Gurley Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams is just being as honest as possible. And honesty is always the, best policy right now Todd Gurley and a lot of the Rams are. Not really playing during the, pre season and if you ask Todd Gurley about, that his quotas this when he's asked about are you how do you feel about basically not playing this preseason quote that is everyone's dream to. Not play in the pre season I love that some guys some guys just like being out there to get a feel for it But not this guy I love that yeah. I mean I. Enjoy

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