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A tree falls McMorris and, no one hears it? Did, it really fall well if you take the news that really needs to be looked at with the Clinton situation and the FBI and all the unlawful. Things going on, there absolutely. New reports it does it really, exists in their mind and I think that's their goal to. Make it not real Well they did report on the the the Clinton issues with the server and the emails anywhere near the extent they report on Trump no and I. Have been a firm a fervent demands are on this. Show for a very long. Time that I I. Wanna full blown there. Should have been I want to. I want. Still a full. Blown, investigation into Hillary Clinton at all and the private. Email the servers taking classified information off the the department of state intranet and putting it over the internet to her private server and, the Email I want? A, full Muller like investigation of Hillary Clinton thanks for the call Ed have a good one let's stay out west we'll hit Bill is in Fresno California. Bill. You're on, Schnitt hi..

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