Jeff Flake, Chris Coons propose resolution to back US over Russia


Of an isolated evening storm expected another day of breezes with occasional gusty. Or twenty five miles an hour humidity drops starting Sunday but it's. Getting hotter, highs end, up between, one ten and one fifteen through early next week I'm ABC thirteen meteorologist Irish CEO at seven thirty two it's eighty five degrees in Avondale a Republican Senator from, Arizona has teamed up with the democrat. To try to force a vote to support the intelligence. Communities assessment that Russia did interfere in the 2016 election Republican Senator, Jeff flake democratic Senator. Chris coons will make the case. For their resolution that backs the intelligence. Communities assessment that Russia meddled in the two thousand sixteen. Election the resolution is non binding and also offers a port for the Justice Department's investigation. Into Russia's election interference the resolution. Was introduced after the president summit with Russian. President. Vladimir Putin but it's unclear if a vote on the. Resolution will actually happen, Arlette signs ABC news Capitol. Hill, a former advisor. To President Trump is weighing Being in x. homeland security advisor Tom Bossert says Americans need to be aware of cyber Madeline think it's time for the country to wake, up and realize that, we are in an ongoing low-intensity conflict with multiple nations in San Bossert says Russian meddling is. An attempt to create dischord any road faith, in US. Democratic institutions KTAR is education park. University is opening a campus in downtown Gilbert this fall it will offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees including business education and healthcare Jeff Erlich with parking adversity says they have, a unique, way of. Offering classes we look at these hybrid classes where it might be that you come to class every third time and the other two. Times online groups the first semester starts in October park university already has two campuses in Arizona fewer, babies. Are being born in Arizona our state is half the largest drops in. Births than any other state in the past ten years down twenty. Percent from, one hundred, three thousand, in two thousand seven to just over eighty Eight thousand last year The recession families perceive that the resources needed to support having children was a little bit less secure university of. Arizona college. Of medicine Phoenix, Dr Michael Foley says the immigration, debate played a role delayed women of childbearing age from crossing over from Mexico and having. More and, more children another factor there's an improved sex education. Availability of birth control he says the lower birth rate could, cause a future problem and we're going to have less people help support our baby boomer population which are gonna require by national support from, the social security size and we're gonna have left people contributing to it, because the populations folly Bob McClay KTAR news, loose hospital in timpee no longer offers labor delivery or postpartum services saying they've seen a huge. Drop in baby care All right heads up if. You. Find yourself.

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