FCA Establishes Primary Care, Near-site Clinic Exclusively for Indiana Employees and Their Families


Senator Gretchen, Whitmer shared her vision and priorities from Michigan we deserve governor who's going to stay focused on the issues that matter not get distracted by, political games like cutting the cost of auto insurance making sure that everyone of us has a path to a high wage job and. Yes fixing, the damn routes On the other side of the political aisle the Republican candidates for governor including, attorney general Bill Schutte Lieutenant governor Brian, Kelly state Senator Patrick Cole back in second obstetrician Jim Hines also met into. -troit's their, final debate last month There again is not enough support but. The issue of a regional transit authority on the November ballot Chen macneil has more the regional transit authority didn't even take up this five billion dollar, transit plan on, the last, meeting they have before the deadline to get it on the November ballot I asked chairman Paul Higgins is there any, chance you could call a meeting early enough to get this Alabama We could always call the meeting earlier but we will not because, it is clear the votes are. Not available on our board I'm looking at your budget one point two million you've already spent almost a million into the public it looks like nothing's getting done well on the contrary I, think we've done, more in, the past year to advance support for regional transit and ultimately the public will prevail Lagaan's. Is hoping to get something on the ballot by twenty twenty at the latest Sandra McNeill WW j., NewsRadio nine, fifty, comic you, say proposed tariffs would. Mean higher prices for vehicles and fewer. Auto industry jobs, ought to be reported Jeff Gilbert tells. Us the industry made that opinion known at the, Washington hearing today for tariffs to be imposed auto imports would have to be deemed a national security risk there, is no, evidence that automotive imports pose a threat to our national security auto policy. Council president Matt blood saying auto suppliers, generally come from allies many of which manufacturer, here commerce secretary Wilbur Ross says no decisions. Have been made on terror we need, to understand. The complexity of the industry the global nature of. Supply chains and production systems carmakers. Say, what they like, to see is modernize trade agreements Jeff Gilbert w w j NewsRadio nine fifty Fiat, Chrysler is taking a big step Into the healthcare business setting up a, critic clinic, for workers that their Kokomo Indiana plant and those workers families as well That clinic. Will not charge co pays or deductibles the company's healthcare chief Kathleen Neal say's. This will encourage workers to get preventive care we not only will bring healthcare to our employees where they live and work we'll also have primary care staff that will help our employees navigate what's come to be a very complex health system Neil says.

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