French president's aide questioned by police for allegedly beating protester


On tape I'm. Ed Donahue with an AP news minute there's a report about President Trump and, a secret recording the New York Times reports lawyer. Michael Cohen secretly, recorded Trump discussing. Payments to Karen McDougal two months before. He was elected president the former playmate says she had an affair with Trump in. Two thousand six which he denied the saga megani secretary of state Mike Pompeo says it's really important President Trump meets again with. Russian President Vladimir Putin is incredibly. Valuable valuable to the people of the United States of America the President Putin and. President Trump continue to engage in dialogue to resolve the difficult issues that are countries faced between each other I, think this makes enormous sense the White. House is trying to set up a meeting with Putin in the fall Ohio, State University says more than one hundred former students have provided firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by a now dead team physician and. An ongoing investigation they say they verbally raised concerns. About Richard Strauss's early as nineteen seventy eight Eight I may Donahue The nation's, homeland security chief. Says there's no question Russia interfered in the, two thousand sixteen election but his AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani reports she's countering the intelligence assessment of why it did Russia was. Involved two years ago I don't think there's any doubt, that they did it but speaking at, the Aspen security forum. Homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen says it was aimed at causing. Chaos in both parties I haven't seen any evidence that the attempts to interfere in our election infrastructure was to favor a particular political party that goes against an intelligence community assessment that Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign aimed at helping the Trump camp while hurting Hillary Clinton's. Saga megani Washington Premature baby, penguin has been nurse back to. Health after her parents accidentally stepped on her egg and broke its at London zoo the says keep us restorage defined rainbow the female Humboldt penguin chick was still alive inside the broken egg they rushed, the chick to the zoo's clinic, where vets transferred. Her to an incubation chamber she spent weeks, cuddling with a soft toy penguin and was. Fed what the zoo called penguin milkshake made a fish vitamins and minerals penguin keepers. Susie hides said on Thursday the birds typically reject chicks, when they accidentally step on their eggs, she said the one. Month old is growing quickly and we'll stay in the incubation. Chamber until she reaches ten weeks top security aide for French president Emmanuel Macron who was caught on camera beating a protester has been detained and is being questioned by thority a video which are being cloaked in secrecy shows the God in a helmet with police Mark Talking's, and surrounded by, riot police brutally dragging off a woman from a demonstration and then. Repeatedly beating, a young man on the ground the man is heard begging him to stop another man in civilian clothing. Pulled the young man to the. Ground the up rule ended regular business in parliament with lawmakers Agust that he still had an office in the presidential palace the president's office has begun the protests of firing him following the public backlash.

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