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The inland empire and pretty much the same for tuesday and wednesday independence day and then we start to sizzle thursday we're looking for sunny highs near the coast nineties to low one hundreds in the inland areas including the valleys in the i e even hotter on friday the i e could sizzle up to one hundred ten degrees right now seventy one in brea sixty eight in lake forest sixty six in marina del rey in seventy two in burbank we lead local live in the kfi twenty four hour newsroom i'm michael how does this affect the beaver super hyper local sunday with brian suits with breaking news from hollywood pizza stabbed looks like we're coming to a stop out your door is open this guy is getting out of the vehicle he's got he's got a gun yeah yeah this is not going to add very well super hyper local sunday with brian suits on kfi am six forty more stimulating doug i would never do super apolitical sunday everything that happened here in the south land that you need to know about including the deaf puppy that was rescued from home that he or she had fallen in remote the story of the man the our leader man who was given legal status in the reagan amnesty but between then and now there were some other interactions with the the the men and women in blue and so i said grabbed him it became a local 'cause celeb rib he has been released from custody this happened late friday night.

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