'Sicario: Day of the Soldado: Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin, fight drug war again


Good evening i'm pat thurston tim sika is here with me tim sika of movie criticism fame you said i was there with you and i'm actually here with me on the phone with you i lied but you're you're here with me voice wise that's true our voices are melding right as as are you with me hi tim how are you how was your week we missed you yesterday yeah yeah you know the fair was yesterday i have my priorities we're in there don't let to hear you say that it was the marin county fair and a big deal michael frontier was playing and so we had tickets and this is a cool thing yeah those kind of things are nice if you did you take your family you know i bet you they didn't want to go the kids right didn't wanna go i know they love the fair they absolutely adore it was you know michael frontier because they didn't know cores yeah and i'm trying to tell him he's woke you know he's a guy you'd like but yeah right it's mom music so you know mom music yeah yeah yeah well my music i still i'm still for mom music over the kids music oh god i can't stand what my son listens hey you know and and sort of ron related topic jaren told me your producer that he went to see tag and he loved it oh okay wait did we talk about tag you hate it we reviewed it was saying don't and then you said he wanted to see it and then he hasn't just told me he did and he wanted to have start his own his own group oh no okay well we need he needs to be going out there promoting the movie i mean really because we're not i'm not i think i said snark kelly it should have been retitled gag okay okay so i had to refresh myself i just i just searched it because when when i was talking about my son's music and then you said tag you know what i was thinking of graffiti but no this is tag like the game of tag that these adults guys that you know for thirty years played the same game yeah let's get some other movies shower okay i think i have i do have to ask you if you happen to see the tingler oh pat this is honest to god you know when when i told you i was going to the last i remember thinking about it week i've seen so many movies and i've been so busy that i just you know i'm not making i'm not making any excuses for what i might sound like oh my god really i i saw so many movies this week that they're all blurring yeah other and i'm thinking like wait was this the one that had this plot point no that was the other one oh my gosh you know i gotta liking i have it here i have it i had it on my shelf and i am going to watch it and we'll talk about it next week okay good good because i think that it i thought it was one of the scariest movies ever i ever saw but you have to win you watch it you have to think about how old would i am ben maybe no seriously and i didn't mean it when i said i was going to watch it but that was when you brought it up just now it's like oh that was last time i thought about it that's okay i know you'll watch it because you're you're very good at doing your homework i tried to be okay here's one that i've been wondering about because it doesn't look like anything that i would like to see but it's it's getting some publicity sicario day of the soul dotto yes this is a did you see it's a foul excellent sicario which was a really two thousand fifteen yeah that was a drug cartel drama too and this followup brings back both josh brolin and benicio del toro they're both great actors they play these you know one is a principled fbi agent the others an undercover operative and they have to deal with this problem of mexican drug cartels who are smuggling terrorists across the united states border and so as part of their strategy yeah right i'm thinking yeah they actually kidnapped the daughter of drug lord in a kind of fake operation designed to incite this war between these rival drug cartels anyway and.

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