Thailand cave rescue, 4 boys out now


The era just his style of play you know you just don't see that a whole lot anymore i i would probably say i would would be up there on my list that is an excellent answer you can't play for as long as pete rose did and as well as pete rose did and his heart is pete rose did without tremendous toughness he displayed that throughout his major league baseball career we have just about run out of time we want to thank everybody who called in to take part in reverse radio tonight if you weren't watching earlier the cubs beat the reds six five and ten innings to wrap up their threegame series at wrigley it's off to cleveland for a three game series against the indians in the ohio cup beginning tomorrow night at seven ten anthony fani goes for the reds mike cleven jer for the cleveland indians and in case you missed the news three reds are headed to the all star game not next week but the following week joey votto you haney suarez and scooter ginette for producer darren bland i'm dan hoard thanks so much for listening and stay tuned the miami valley gaming racing report with a segment bill denison is coming up after the news here on news radio seven hundred wwl w news traffic and weather news radio seven hundred w ell cincinnati progress being made in rescue efforts to free several boys and their soccer coach from a cave and thailand with the eight o'clock report i'm melissa neeley breaking now we're at that dive teams pulled out of the weakest boys i in a cave rescue effort in northern thailand so far four down nine to go including the boys soccer coach abc's matt cut mun and experienced diver remains at the scene and describes the challenges that rescue operation full of pitfalls squads rescuers trudging over miles of slick or submerged rock over the past few days they pulled away boulders from the caves pad and used underwater drills chip away at the caves jagged surface to bring the remaining eight boys and their coach al that multinational crew rescuers will be guided by ropes and the light on their headlamps they make their way through that maze of flooded passageways now the latest traffic and weather together right now there are no incidents on the roadways around the tristate there is construction work however on southbound seventy one seventy five before buttermilk pike to pass turf way you see an accident or tying up give us a call four two one six three nine seven now the latest forecast from the extra jin temporal scanner weather center and i heart radio station clear skies tonight we'll see.

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