Croatia defeats Russia in shootout to reach World Cup semifinals


In chicago saturday demonstrators calling out elected officials to do more to address gun violence in the city the group led police to briefly shut down the north brown dan ryan expressway during their march at group calling for better schools jobs and economic development there's no indication foul play at anything to do with the deadly home explosion in southern new jersey saturday morning that blast damage at least four neighboring homes several homes damaged debris sent flying a macro spotted dangling high in the trees installation on the power lines investigators on the same focused on the appliances to people inside the homework killed family friends say they were an elderly couple well known in the community incredibly there were no other injuries investigators from a number of agencies spent the day fifteen through debris as they work to confirm the cause of the explosion kenneth moton abc news newfield new jersey very european final four at the world cup after england beat sweden saturday and brady with our partners at sky news is in scenario southern russia england will face croatia in the world cup semifinal they again rolled their look winning another penalty shootout and dumping out the hosts russia england all what they have to do now history beckons in moscow on wednesday night france and belgium play the first.

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