Trump prepares to announce Supreme Court pick


Of sunshine this afternoon and it will be hot will be up around ninety eight degrees we get their that will tie daily record high for denver set in nineteen eighty nine tonight down to about sixty four degrees with clear skies and light win it's a hot one again tomorrow right back to around ninety six we stay in the nineties for the rest of the week from cbs four i'm meteorologist chris spears on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm is how we've got ninety two degrees at aurora the heat record for denver on this day is ninety eight and we could get there again today in the meantime cbs sports crispier says this summer has a chance to be the hottest on record in denver today will be day number twenty eight with temperatures at ninety or higher in denver at this point in two thousand twelve we were at twenty five days so we're currently outpacing that record hot year back in two thousand twelve denver hit ninety degrees or higher seventy three times between the months of may and september from cbs four i'm meteorologist chris beers on koa newsradio local company is on the front line of the cave rescue in thailand inter map technologies have douglas county created a three d map and model of the flooded cave where rescuers are racing to bring out the soccer players and their coach supporting them with this intelligence that they can't otherwise you know make really efficient decisions without so things like the depths things like the flow factors where water is likely to go as these water levels rise the companies patrick blots so far eight of the boys have been rescued crews are preparing to go back into the cave to bring out the remaining four boys and their coach president trump is said to announce his nominee to the supreme court this evening abc supreme court reporter kate shaw says judge amy coney barrett is the conservative favourite at this point she's young she can easily serve on the court for four decades she's viewed as very conservative probably the most conservative of the four finalists and she does seem to be the safest vote to overturn roe versus wade if in fact that's what the president wants in his nominee as he promised repeatedly during the campaign and you can hear the supreme court announcement on koa newsradio at seven o'clock at the lake christine fire nearby salt the citations issued a two people accused of accidentally started the fire by shooting tracer amunition have now been upgraded to felony arson warrants fires burn close to six thousand acres and it is thirty one percent contained the dow industrials closing up today three hundred twenty points s and p five hundred gaining twenty four the nasdaq up sixty eight this news is brought to you by armor roofing our next news updates at two thirty i'm susan witkin koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm.

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