Gayle King Calls for Transparency in CBS’s Charlie Rose and Les Moonves Investigations


Gayle king dill upset this morning and the CBS morning show. She's an awkward position think about that. Because you get the outgoing CEO of CBS lieu les Moonves says calling. She was calling for transparency from the network. Because he's been fired. And there have been a handful of women that have accused him over there were six in the original accusations. And then the New Yorker released another Ronan Farrow had another article six more, and that's what CBS decided to move on some of these date back to the nineteen eighties. When he wasn't at CBS places. He was at a at Laura mar or at Warner Brothers places he'd been, but they seem to be fitting a pattern here having sex with people who is working with in some cases, it was consensual then turn nonconsensual, and then another cases, which is tricky business. But then in other cases, it was like, hey, you know, this is what I need for us to get this deal done. So here is Gayle king women don't come out and speak this way for no reason. They just don't they just don't do it. And so I don't know how we move forward. If we don't we have CBS will don't have full transparency about what we find in our own house. We must have transparency, and I certainly feel for Julie Chen today. Now, she's in a very difficult position. And you know, wonderful, thanks for this company. We can't forget that either. So it's just a bad situation all the way around. But I'm glad that we are covering the story. And it's important that we cover it and get to the bottom of wherever whatever it is. Julie Chen thing always sort of. Rubbed me the wrong way. Former host that he marry. He married her. And she got every job on the network. She was big brother host and things like that. Right. Look, I mean they've been dating for a while. Then they got married, and she and she started she literally had three jobs at CBS. She really the best talent CBS has she we in the face of the network. I mean, if you're a woman at CBS, you'd feel like that's fair. Probably not. No, I I think I think for gale it's so tough at this moment because think about it. She just saw her trusted revered co host Charlie rose, leave depart the network under those types of charges, and now the head of the head of CBS, and what they're saying here is that just like an out of what NBC did they handle these things in house in these secret of investigations, and they don't really let everyone know like NBC did an in house sexual harassment investigation about Matt Lauer, and who knew what when and then determined well, the buses really didn't know and Matt Lauer has gone, so it's all fine. Everything's good. Now. I think what she's saying is this transparency in the results of that investigation. Should be known. We we we shouldn't hide these things if you. Feel there's integrity moving forward. That's a tough position to be an talking about your boss, your big boss and having no longer your boss. Yeah. And I will he ended up back in show. Business is a little unclear get his hundred and fifty million dollar payout, which is still on the table, potentially. If he if they find if he resigned, and so he's still going for that. And there's a lawsuit likely to be filed which is always interesting when you sort of get a golden parachute. And when you disappear under these circumstances. It's interesting one of the one of the things in there that fascinated me. And that story was that he had had a consensual relationship with this woman at a different company, and then and then she comes to have a meeting with him at his current company and hadn't been together in a long time. They just started trying to make out with her. Pick up where they left off to solve a sudden. Yeah. And she's like, no, no. That was then this is now and get all upset about it. And it was in. It's one of those moments where I mean, this is a guy. At least if you believe the New Yorker report, this is a guy like take his pants off every time. There was a woman in the office. A lower ask kind of a thing that was going on there. Yeah. If you really read the details, they are they they are worse than it was originally reported,

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