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You've heard a parents paying for music lessons for their kids or maybe, tennis, lessons? But video game lessons as Seren Edelman of the Wall Street Journal tells us that's where, we are now Sarah why in the world that parents hire someone to help their kids win video games. Videogames Pam so popular and so much, more mainstream over the years that they've. Sort of become a social proving ground and that's specially the, case with fortnight which is particularly popular. At the moment it has one hundred twenty five million people playing it, worldwide according to the, company that, created it and so, parents are looking at this as opportunity to help their kids maybe get an education bragging rights maybe some peer pressure and also it just an opportunity for them to bond with their children through something that the kids really like. Did adults in the past to get help with video games Coaching is something that's been around for many years the. Differences that in the past the people paying for it were mostly adults hobbyists who, just wanted to get better at. A game or they were older teenagers who saw potential future as a, professional, gamer? Which is you know right after high school common for each sports players to try and, go pro some them you go to school in fact I'm the colleges now have Darcy sports teams but. We haven't in the past seen cases, where parents are calling up services.

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