U.S. deports Mexican wife of American Marine veteran


Two seven that's why we're the traffic leader one oh six nine AM seven forty KCBS. KCBS news time four forty one well now the story of a US military wife who illegally entered the country more than two decades ago, CBS news correspondent Adriana Diaz reports at instead of being deported yesterday she self deported she said goodbye to her husband, and children and returned to Mexico carrying her bags and weighed down with emotion Alejandro Juarez arrived at Orlando international airport to say goodbye to her. Two daughters, and husband a marine veteran choirs was in the country illegally and was ordered. To deport to Mexico under pressure Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy she spoke directly to the president in Spanish He thinks he's punishing. Me and, maybe I deserve it for having. Calmed the way I did she said you're not, making me suffer. More you're making a veteran suffer and you always. Say you love veterans Horace, has been in the country for twenty years she married marine veteran sergeant Tim o.. Horace a naturalized American citizen who served two years in. Combat in Iraq their daughters were born here.

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