Winner declared in Zimbabwe's first post-Mugabe election


Rostov Fox News the Trump administration wants to force China to drop their quote bad. Practices and reform it comes after the US said it was considering increasing proposed Tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods from ten percent to twenty five percent. China has warned the US against what it calls blackmail in, Beijing Tom MacKenzie Bloomberg daybreak Europe all right that's the trade story. Another round. Of tough talking between Beijing and Washington. Apple meanwhile has become. The. First US company to hit a trillion, dollar market cap after. Its shares briefly rose above two hundred and seven. Dollars four cents on Thursday Bloomberg's at Ludlow reports on the tech giant's rise it took about. Two hours and forty eight minutes in Thursday's US session for apple to hit the milestone. Since it was founded in nineteen. Seventy six the companies come from relying. On the apple MAC computer to, iphones, and. More recently wearables and other technology and its recent growth which is so incredible when found Steve Jobs passed away in two thousand eleven the company had a market cap of three. Hundred and fifty. Billion dollars it's gone the rest of the way undetected cooks leadership the company have. Momentum from Tuesday when it posted record earnings boosted by stronger Silence in wearables and services, along with, continuing demand, for. Its iphones. Apple got their first. But others are hot on its tail Amazon alphabet. And, Microsoft's worth more than eight hundred billion dollars each in San Francisco Bloomberg daybreak Europe now the UK Prime Minister Theresa may meets the French president Emmanuel Macron today. As part of a diplomatic drive to win European. Leaders over to her Brexit vision with just eleven weeks until a divorce accord is meant to be signed may needs to chart a path to a. Deal we'll Bloomberg's Cowden Qunol has the details the pair would meet let Friday the father break on soon the summer residence of, French president's on the French Riviera between Marseille and niece a relaxing atmosphere to. Discuss tough subjects Theresa May we'll ask him and your support group rain. For Brexit. Including a new trade deal already rejected by. The EU last week but expectations shouldn't be too high as Michigan boundary remains The main negotiator on behalf of the EU commission in Paris counting Kernan Bloomberg daybreak Europe yes the site were Emmanuel. Macron we'll be meeting, Theresa May in the south of France very pleasant if you look it up on the internet and on Google images anyway. Up next we. Need to talk about the US payrolls report Wall Street's betting on another hefty payroll gain in today's payrolls report consensus is for one hundred and ninety three thousand new jobs in July Bloomberg's Vinny Del Giudice reports America's economies added more, than one million jobs since the start of the. Year the unemployment rate dipped as low. As three point eight percent back in may with today's report wage growth will be the. Key for bond traders keeping score inflation it's yet, to reach the high seen earlier in the century. Treasury market reaction to the data has of late candidate, beef fleeting benico chewed ice Bloomberg daybreak Europe now Toyota has reported, first quarter profit that topped analysts estimates helping by booming Demand in China and the popularity of the are av four sport. Utility vehicle in the US operating profit rose to six point one billion dollars in the three months through, June that's even as questions hangover over the world's. Largest car markets after tariff changes brought about. By the trade war caused pricing condition all right we started with. An answer we wrap up with earnings let's also get some fresh headlines from around the world outside the world of. Business and finance his Bloomberg's Bangkok thank you. Very, much Marcus Zimbabwe's election officials have finished counting in the country's presidential election MandA innocent Zanu PF party is therefore duly, declared. Elected president of the. Republic of. Zimbabwe with effect from the third of August twenty eighth Heads of the ruling Zanu PF party, Emmerson Mnangagwa, secured around. Three hundred. Thousand more votes than his main rival opposition leader. Nelson Chamisa is threatening more protests claiming widespread electoral fraud White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has refused. To, back away from US President Trump's assertions that the media. Is the enemy of the American people in a heated exchange with White House reporters Sanders blame the media from flaming tensions in the country it's ironic that not only you and the media attacked the president for his rhetoric when they frequently lowered the level of conversation in this country repeatedly the media resorts to. Personal attacks without any content other than to incite anger memo Russia could face a raft of new sanctions or the claims of. Election meddling that's if a bipartisan. Group of senators are successful in their bid to sanction Russian energy projects and produce a report on President Vladimir Putin's assets Net worth. Republican Senator Marco Rubio told. Bloomberg that Russia. Needs to be held to account this information warfare they're using platforms like Facebook and Twitter as a vehicle by which the conductors so I don't blame the companies for it they're providing a product that's out there these guys. Are going. On and using that product and is Europe banks another, heat wave, forecasters say. The all. Time temperature record could be broken in the coming. Days the current European wrinkled is forty eight degrees centigrade which was set in Athens in July nineteen seventy. Seven, but that could be basing this temperatures are rising in. Spain and Portugal thanks to a surge of hot air sweeping in from Africa global news twenty four hours a day on the talk on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Ben Clarke this is Bloomberg Ben thank you so much now with. Your morning sports here's Joe Townsend England's cricketers star Deidre of the second test against India Edgbaston on nine for one this morning. That twenty two Ahead after their colleagues one hundred and. Forty nine helped the Taurus reached two hundred. And seventy four in their first innings. India captain was dropped twice for all around us some current says England. Is still in a, pretty good position as, you can see it's probably looking at the scorecard. Is probably pretty even in a test match obviously not ideal is in cookie England crickets some, Belling Scott, known beaten half century to help can't be Essex in the t twenty. Plus and go top of the south group the back in, action again, this evening at Hampshire in one of eight matches the championship season gets underway tonight with Frank Lampard making his managerial debut the former Chelsea and England. Midfielder Lee Darby. Against reading an England's. Georgia whole starts day. Two of golf's women's British. Open writing contention. She's just two shots off the lead role Levinson Australia's mingy lease out in front on seven, on the path That was the sports straight ahead on Bloomberg daybreak Europe we're gonna bite into our by weekly restaurants. Segment with Bloomberg's teeth food critic Richard vines. 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