Reese Witherspoon throwing ice cream at Meryl Streep is the internet's new favorite thing


This is a. Mytalk dirt alert update quick look at what's happening in entertainment Tell me. Something good Ben Affleck Matt Damon are teaming up for a new big screen project Aflac is attached to direct and Damon to star in true crime story published in the Daily Beast several days ago about an ex cop who the McDonald's monopoly game allegedly stealing over twenty four, million dollars and sharing it with an. Unsavory group of coq group of co conspirators who offered kickbacks to the mastermind so this article, published, days ago huge. Bidding war in Hollywood over it and. Seems like Matt Damon Ben Affleck won Count Jan has been released from rehab after less than three weeks and seems like she's ready to get back to work TMZ reports that luanne contacted friends earlier this week and told them that she's doing, better and that she's ready for her. Cabaret gig at the paramount in Long Island on Saturday night this show course will be her, first, public appearance bad But this is how she she needs to make. Money worry she doesn't she get paid enough money at her house right salary this is just yeah I don't understand cancel this cavalry or other ways that the Countess can make some, money out I n Reese Witherspoon money can't buy, class Oh Shayne. Reese Witherspoon was photographed hurling ice cream at Meryl, Streep but don't. Worry it was all for big little lies season to sto- in the photograph, Streep Streep, hazard packed turned to Witherspoon character as she walks with sunglasses on and from the look of determination on.

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