Review: 'The Spy Who Dumped Me'


Hasn't he thinks a also does ticker, right? Yeah, he has a wonderful, wonderful. Originally Gilbert, Godfrey was supposed to. Busy being. I found it very moving, and surprisingly touching said in the back row weeping for my lost childhood, bring all the things that are no longer available to me, I think is a great family flick. So that's good. I saw the Middleburg film festival had a screening of puzzles. Stowing Kelly MacDonald, right? Yes. And she arrived in town and first of all, I would like to say she's very open about this. She's forty two years old and she looks like she's twenty five, and that's why she is a movie star because I won't tell you how old I am, but I look about thirty years older than that. And it's a nice little. Movie of a of a downtrodden housewife who finds her Mojo doing jigsaw puzzles that she finds a partner and, and you know, it's, it's not exciting. It's not. It's not loud or anything, but it's a nice. It's a, it's a nice coming of age film and don't just Google jigsaw accidentally. Cassava, Papa torture porn totally different than what you. Yes, she is a lovely actress in. We're talking about this the other day. I think it was off Mike, but just some of the things that she's been. She was first in Trainspotting as a child. Essentially, he was the baby on the ceiling. Boardwalk empire. She was in no country for old men. And that's to me because I know she Scottish and beautiful doing the boardwalk empire thing was very hard because she was Irish desires, but the southern Tekere western Texas accent. She had. She might as well been born in Odessa. Here's your own lady bird. How do they do? I don't know. So I'm a big fan and it's it's a lovely movie, and I saw the spy who dumped me the other night because somebody needed to go to that. Kunas and Kate McKinnon, and it's not very good would expect. And Kate McKinnon is squandering her talent. And so I am worried about she is Uber, talented, death, but even I think we all agree and you should never judge a movie on the trailer, and then we saw the trailer. It was like, oh, no, really? And so that you're telling me that my fears are confirmed. They play it like a Saturday Night Live sketch except it's two hours law to our. I wrote this down. It's one hundred sixteen minutes when she's Larry on SNL. I wonder why. I mean, what is it that you Ghostbusters. Needs to develop her own material or work with people who know her to develop stuff for her. That really doesn't have to just take any script. Melissa McCarthy will write her own. Sometimes it's hit or miss, but sometimes hilarious. Even Melissa McCarthy, I was thinking Melissa McCarthy because she needs a new breakout something to get her to the next. She's doing the same thing over and over. Again. It seems to me and Mila Kunis was hilarious. And Ted ten thought was Jerry, so they both can do it, but not this time not time. So here's a reminder and Hornets when she's in town reviews at Washington Post dot com. And I'm arch.

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