Indonesia ends search for ferry victims, Germany's migrant deal, and other news in pictures


Today european shares and us futures rising following that mixed asian session all eyes were on the one today the euro strengthening is germany's coalition government dodged a crisis over my gration telecom companies leading an advance in the stock six hundred today futures on the s and p five hundred the dow the nasdaq all pointing to a firm open minor glencore heading for the biggest decline in two years something i'll come to hong kong stocks slumping as the city returned from a holiday em says pairing some of that declines as the people's bank of china governor eat gang said the country aimed to keep its currency at a stable and reasonable level that helped the u honore's earlier losses is developing nation currencies overall edge tie today turkey's lira plunging after inflation data dollar falling versus major payers treasury steady the swedish krona advancing as the country's central bank sticking to its plan to start lifting interest rates while the global trade spat between the world's biggest economies appears to be worsening investors will take some chair from that pbs pledged to keep the stable that'll city looking two minutes from the fed jobs data later in the week to provide a welcome distraction from protectionist risks off to the country celebrates its independence day stock where keeping an eye on today is glenn called the biggest percentage decline on the stock six hundred shares of sunk a massive twelve percent biggest drop since march two thousand and sixteen the big news coming out of glencore is essentially it's african troubles are escalating dramatically that's after us authorities demanded documents relating to possible corruption and money laundering the world's biggest commodity trader says it's been subpoenaed by the us department of justice to produce documents with respect to compliance with the foreign corrupt practices act and united states money laundering statutes they relate to the company's business in nigeria the democratic republic of congo and venezuela from two thousand seven to the present that's a bloomberg business flash here's markus karlsson with more on what's going on around the world mark twelve boys and their football coach trapped in a cave and thailand will need to learn to dive all wait months for flooding to recede before they can get out the group had been missing for nine days before they were found by divers late yesterday rescues are now battling rising water levels to bring more supplies to the group with tirtha saying that they may need food for at least the next four months the most senior roman catholic clerics will be to be convicted of covering up child sex abuse has been sentenced to twelve months detention australian archbishop philip wilson has been found guilty of failing to tell the police about the repeated abuse of to alter boys by a priest in the nineteen seventy s and disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein has been indicted on new sexual assault claims according to manhattan district attorney facing charges of sexually assaulting three women weinstein could be convicted of a minimum ten years in prison and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment his attorney benjamin bronfman has said weinstein will plead not guilty global news twenty four hours a day on naronha take talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm chris carlson this is bloomberg markets thanks coming up next our colleagues in the us getting ready for bloomberg daybreak in new york let's check in with bob morning bob the people's bank of china pledges you want stability and china's currency stems losses we'll have the very latest chinese telecom carrier meantime is the latest target of the trump administration which is moving to block the state back company from entering the us telecommunications market citing national security concerns jealous subject we'll have the story from the bloomberg ninety nine one newsroom in washington shares of glencore plunge after a us subpoena over possible money laundering bloomberg sebastian selleck we'll have details in london societe generale requires the commodities and equity units of commerce bank we'll get the story from bloomberg's danny burger and we're set to talk live and our first half hour to kelham pickering berenberg senior economist he's doing my colleague karen moskow and me for bloomberg daybreak right here on bloomberg radio.

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