Trump Warns NATO Allies to Spend More on Defense, or Else


Ktar h westside northside lexus weather center president trump reportedly telling nato countries they better spend more on their own defense or else as according to the new york times trump expressing irritation in letters to allies at what he sees disproportionate american spending he's threatening to alter us global military presence that is pull out our troops in places like germany and turkey if the other nations don't step up to their fair share secretary state mike pompeo's going to meet with north korean leader kim jong un this week to work out a plan for denuclearization there thailand says the soccer team stranded indicate could be stuck underground for months now rescue crews trying to figure out how to get them out through the flood waters and to get food and medical supplies to them now we go back to the michael berry show i'm chevra fryer and houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty ktar h we've got john anderson coming up at the redneck country club we've got billy bob thornton and his band we've got tracy byrd coming up we've got steve wariner coming up hey man if you've never come and tried it come try send me an email say hey look i wanna come try this if i got some extra tickets i'll give you one if people come to the redneck country club they fall in love with it they have their birthday parties are anniversary parties are the company parties there it's incredible customer service to beautiful facility we got a great staff check out what we got coming up at the redneck country club dot com it's the.

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