Stock Market Recovers After Soft Open


Markets a look at macy's and it's blue mercury initiative think the shares of macy's have tumbled along with other retailers this year not aja stock is up more than forty four percent we're going to have details but right now let's go to charlie pellett in the bloomberg newsroom got a bloomberg business flash thank you very much facts tim fox and thank you bob every we have got the dow lower sp nasdaq they are both pushing higher snp up barely up by half a point right now twenty seven eighteen stocks clawing back from earlier declines to trade mostly higher on reduced volume as investors look past potentially rising global trade tensions the dow down twenty three points down about one tenth of one percent nasdaq up thirty one a gain of four tenths of one percent tenure down one thirty seconds yield now two point eight six percent gold is down nine tenths of one percent twelve forty to the west texas intermediate crude down three tenths of one percent seventythree ninetysix for barrel of wti industry data suggest american manufacturing gathered momentum in june and with more here's bloomberg's vinny del giudice csm factory index advanced a sixty point to one of the strongest showing since the start of the twenty first century led by a measure of pent up demand the gauge of supplier delivery scored the second highest rating in almost forty years they also show orders production and employment remains strong the ism's measure of cost of raw and other materials is close to a sevenyear high vinny del giudice bloomberg radio gold is down nine tenths of one percent twelve forty to the west texas intermediate crude down two tenths of one percent seventy three ninety eight for a barrel of wti recapping and p now lower down a point down less than one tenth of one percent i'm charlie pelletan that is a bloomberg business flash bank you very much charlie pellett you're listening to bloomberg markets.

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