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At CIGNA dot org slash Radio CNN has obtained a recording seized by the FBI the discussion between President Trump and his former, attorney Michael Cohen over a payment to a playboy. Model Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis says the Trump administration has been going after the president's one time. Fixer there's been a campaign out of the White House to disparage Mr.. Cohen and why is that Because he's got truth on his side now and he. Intends to tell the truth vodka Trump. Is shutting down her fashion. Line which spurred concerns. About conflicts of interest after her father. Was elected president correspondent Cristina Alexi brand has been a target for critics of the Trump administration and, its policies there was a boycott one women's group. Started after the access Hollywood tape became public on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average closed. Up one hundred ninety eight points the SNP gained thirteen the NASDAQ down. One I'm Ann Cates And I'm Doug krizner at Bloomberg, world headquarters. In New York let's check this hour's. Top business stories and the markets US airlines are planning to comply with a demand from China the government wants carriers websites to identify Taiwan to reflect China's claim on the. Island, territory we are told the US carriers will begin to change the Taiwan, reference over the next day or two Facebook is trying to open. A center in China to support local startups even though it's apps and websites are, still blocked in China earlier this month. Facebook set up a Chinese subsidiary Facebook technology. It registered capital of thirty million dollars that's according to a recent filing after the. Bell in the US AT and t. reported disappointing results in the first earnings reports since the closure. Of the Time Warner deal now the. Weakness reflected in these numbers. Show that AT and. T. entertainment group which. Includes direct TV He has been, adversely, impacted by, cord cutting, and consumers move to internet video revenue numbers were below estimates and we had, shares in AT and t. weaker by one percent in late. US trading Qualcomm steel to a by an XP semiconductor the agreement expires on Wednesday the companies are waiting for approval. From regulators in China now we are told that there is a delegation of Qualcomm executives. In China for last-minute talks with officials we check markets every fifteen minutes here on Bloomberg right now in. Tokyo the Nikkei two twenty five is higher by one half of one. Percent hang sang is up six tenths of one percent in. Seoul the kospi. Down one tenth of one percent, the ASX. Two hundred is off two tenths of. One percent and on the mainland the Shanghai composite is down four tenths of one percent US ten year treasury in the Tokyo session with a yield of two point nine. Four, percent global news twenty four hours a day on air at a tick tock on Twitter powered By more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts this is Bloomberg You're listening to Bloomberg best. On Bloomberg radio June Grasso just one year after..

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