Avoid these food chemicals, pediatricians say


Pulled along by a car the twenty four year old woman apparently fell about one thirty yesterday after getting separated from the car that, had been pulling our officials say alcohol may have contributed to the accident news is brought to, you by Unicom global studies. Leaving on a jet plane he's headed to Asia to lead a delegation of leaders from the ports of Los Angeles world airports and. The tourism and convention boards the group will spend the next ten days in Tokyo Seoul hokey, min city in Hong Kong working to strengthen relationships and boost, investment, in, tourism in LA China Japan Korea and Vietnam are LA's four leading trading partners and almost two million people from Asia. Visited LA last year alone the trip will be Garcetti's fifth out of, the state, in six, weeks Amy king KFI news right. Schering's one thing streaming it live is quite another hundreds of Uber riders, on the Saint Louis. Area apparently had no idea their conversations with the driver. Were not only being recorded they were being streamed. Live. To his Channel on the website twitch the driver Jason Gargano of fluorescent Missouri has been suspended from both Uber and lift Gaga said he was. Just trying to capture the natural interactions between himself and his passengers passengers CNN heard on the, feet include children drunk people some vomiting and people talking trash, about, friends, and relatives and even their bosses Michael KFI news a new report from the American Academy of pediatrics says food packaging. Can be bad for children plastics chemicals in cardboard food packaging and nitrates, and process, meats have, all been linked to worse immune. Systems and higher obesity risk the report also says cutting out synthetic food, coloring may reduce ADHD. Symptoms the pediatricians recommend eating less processed food and keeping. Plastics out of the microwave or dishwasher Has taken. The number two spot at the box office behind the latest Denzel Washington flake Washington's the equalizer, to begin almost thirty, six million, dollars over the weekend at the domestic box office mama Mia to featuring Meryl Streep Pierce Brosnan. And share was close behind with thirty four million rounding out the top. Three another sequel hotel Transylvania three eight of the top ten.

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