Homeless man saves woman who jumped from bridge


Smart speaker users say play WGN radio on tune in it is a five o'clock and with the news, here's Don Clemson. Thank you, Brian seventy. Nine degrees, mostly cloudy, skies at O'Hare. Chicago police are looking for a man for who wanted in attempted kidnapping. Police say he tried to kidnap a. Six year old boy in the Humboldt park neighborhood Friday he was playing basketball and. His front yard and. The twenty seven hundred block of Augusta the boy told authorities the man, opened his front gate and grabbed his shirt his older cousin yelled for their grandmother is. The man escaped he's described as Hispanic one hundred seventy five pounds with a cut on his forehead Dave Schwann, WGN news a man has died after falling off of a jet ski in Lake, Michigan fire officials. Say the man was partying Saturday night when he fell off the. Jetski he was under water for about fifteen minutes when emergency crews pulled him out near the fifty ninth street harbor he was then moved. To the university of Chicago medical center where he later died the Cook County medical examiner's office, says he was identified as fifty two year old James Jefferson officials say he was not wearing lifejacket more any flotation devices, which the fire. Department urged, jetski users. To wear, in a, tweet the death. Toll from wildfire in Greece has been raised by officials to ninety one People twenty five are still missing six days after the blaze swept through coastal area east of. Athens most of the victims died in the fire it self though some drowned in the. Sea while trying to. Escape the flames the blaze started you lie twenty-third and. A center for the research on the epidemic epidemiology of disasters. Database in Brussels shows this as the deadliest wildfire in Europe since one thousand nine. Hundred and in northern. California sheriff says a sixth person has died in a raging wildfire there, which is so Ford which is so far destroyed more than five hundred buildings Shasta county. Sheriff Tomba's Sankoh said earlier today the remains were found within the boundary of the car fire near reading which, is about two hundred thirty miles north of San Francisco he said the victim who, was not identified. Did not evacuate despite receiving an evacuation warning the SANCO says the. Sheriff's department has seven outstanding missing missing persons reports and authorities say a homeless man rescued a woman who had jumped from a bridge near. Downtown Minneapolis university of Minnesota police say the woman jumped from the Washington avenue bridge Around two thirty AM Saturday the Star Tribune says a homeless man camping under the bridge heard the woman fall and leapt into the water to rescue her the woman. Did survive the fall she was taken to. A hospital, for treatment and evaluation Minneapolis firefighters who also answered the call offered. The man shelter, for the night but he declined and returned to the camp the, names of the woman and her rescuer have not yet been released and it's been a comfortable weather pattern for late July but WGN meteorologist, Mark hamernicks says it'll be hotter at this time next, weekend it's going to be nice and comfy out there for the next four. Or five days but once we get past, Thursday and Mike in a little steamy around here Saturday and Sunday look, like we'll be up around ninety degrees hammer Nicole so says. The lack of rain is concerning we've had just one inch. Since July first we've had. Fifteen inches in, may and June your sports traffic and weather next, on WGN Eli's, mom knew she had a. Strong.

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