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America's First News my twin wildfires, in California known as the Mendocino complex fire have. Grown to become the largest active wildfire in state history the fire spread rapidly in. Recent days to burn two hundred eighty, four thousand acres of land an area almost the size of Los Angeles Jim McIntyre is, with the, US forest service, button aside, up what's gonna continue now is that this fire is going to continue to move into various Portions of the park and. Right now they're trying to figure. Out exactly what are. Alternatives are where we can take action firefighters tackling sixteen major blazes across. The state amid hot weather strong winds and. Low key midday, Iran's president Hassan Ruhani has taken a shot, at the US over its reinstatement of, economic sanctions he described the measures which came into effect at midnight as psychological warfare that aim to sow division among Iranians the sanctions are targeted at cars. And carpets with further punitive action plan against Iran's, oil trade the European Union has spoken out against. The measures vowing to protect firms doing legitimate business a nonpartisan government watchdog says it can't currently determine whether building President Trump's. Border wall is the most effective use of federal funds and that the project is at an increased risk of costing more than projected the. Government accountability office's report also says homeland security faces an increased, risk that the wall will take longer than planned and not fully perform as expected the Destructive lava eruption at the foot of. Killilea volcano on the big island of Hawaii has slow to a virtual halt in recent days for the first time in over three months geologists say the loan, volcanic Fisher has dwindled from a. Fountain of molten rock to a bubbling pond of lava and now mica story just for you. To help you out as the football season approaches the USA today sports is compiled a list of the best. Fantasy football team names there's some great ones on here topping the list garoppolos now hey darnold. A kiss from Rosen say quantum leap Baker mayfield's, forever and easy Drake oven a bunch. On Darius sky's the Redskins including a saga firing guys the guys is rights and Geiss Geiss baby as a giants fan I'm throwing my complete support behind see quantum leap also was a fan of that show quantum leap when it was on, back in the, eighties steal these names but it can give you ideas for some good new ones I don't know Some borrowing may occur at some point is I'm going to say six minutes now in front of, the hour on, This Morning America's first news coming up next wording carjackers with..

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