Eleven children found at squalid New Mexico compound, two arrested


Campaign events today around the valley KTAR's Mark Carlson. Is live now and tells his house minority leaders here because here is known. As a battleground state for control of the house Becky Lynn control of the. House could come right through Arizona Pelosi says Arizona house races could be very close and that's. One reason she's in Arizona urging Democrats to get out, the vote it was six months. Ago Pelosi called. The GOP and Trump back tax cuts Armageddon But House Democratic leader says she stands by that statement despite. A robust economy but the biggest indicator for us is the size of the. Paycheck We are the people. Lower healthcare costs bigger paychecks cleaner government and that Bill is not about any of that Democrats say, that to make up. For the tax cuts Republicans plan cuts to, programs, that, are vital to working people like social security and Medicare reporting, live Mark Carlson. KTAR news why would anybody want California politics in Arizona Arizona Republican party's response to house minority leader Pelosi's visit to Arizona today Arizona GOP chair Jonathan line says her visit. Is just a pushed attorney Zona bloop she along. With star, and other leftist liberal elites are pushing to, create another California in our Arezzo Anna and we're simply not going. To stand for that he says the Arizona Republicans are even using the hashtag. Don't California my Arizona in response to Pelosi's event today in Phoenix Citing, a credible threat, officials at Florida Atlantic university had canceled today's scheduled graduation ceremony as students got ready to cross the stage. And received their diplomas the announcement was made that they had to evacuate one of the graduates moot, Tina Johnston says she'd. Been looking forward to this day for a, long, time, it was disappointing it was a shock because this is the, day that we're. Excited for the investigation is continuing and officials say they will will reschedule the ceremonies a tragic discovery at the compound in northern New Mexico where eleven malnourished children living in. Filthy conditions were rescued and an emotional news conference. Today tells, county sheriff Jerry Griff announcing that they are, now trying to identify the remains of child found on the property Eleven nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine we did find the remains of a young boy one of the men arrested. When the, children were rescued on Friday was wanted on a child abduction warrant. In Georgia a boy had been reported missing the interest in police body cams in Arizona has perked up again thanks to, a state legislator caught on one bragging. About speeding or what's. The Phoenix police department doing about the department has three hundred body cams for twenty nine, hundred forty five officers sergeant Vince Lewis says it's not that the department doesn't. Want them to understand and recognize the importance of having body cameras both transparency. And to assist. Within our investigations Lewis says the Phoenix PD's just taking its time or the process of a request for purchase with different vendors to identify the, product to go citywide with that's happening on the city side last January the department put bodycam purchases on hold over concerns about outdated technology Kathy Klein KTAR news, a fourteen year old boy has died after being pulled out of a Phoenix pool by maintenance workers Near twenty three rd avenue. And, Campbell is unknown how long he was in the pool priority being pulled out by maintenance and we were told that the family noticed he was not in the house and they were looking for that's when, he was founded the pool area captain Kenny Overton with the Phoenix fire department says the teen may, have had some mental disabilities and had been. Warned repeatedly by the family to stay away from the pool area and the eleven year old girl found unresponsive in Tempe pool last week died today on this first Tempe fire responded to. A call, at a home near McClintock and baseline where California family was renting. The home when firefighters got to the scene the girl was unresponsive she remained in critical condition until today when she died It is coming up now on 507 time. To get another look at traffic with detour Dan in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center hey good news on the east side that wreck on the one on one Pima freeway. Southbound near entry all moved off to the right we're good. To go with that now all lanes. Reopened there southbound one zero one hour free your wreck is also off right south of Thomas approaching McDowell westbound. Tenant twenty seventh avenue you're off, and on the southbound. One price freeway approaching Elliott there's a wreck off right One westbound approaching sixty seventh, avenue another one off right we've also got a. Thirty seven minute ride westbound I ten fifty one west to eighty three rd avenue twenty. One minutes on the northbound seventeen from nineteen. Th, avenue to Peoria twenty two minutes up northbound fifty one I ten mini stack north develop an eighteen minutes on the westbound one one..

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