Bill Belichick: 'We have a long way to go'


Did in the past the patriots open preseason play this Thursday night at home against Washington the game comes after two days of practice which follows yesterday and. Today two days have been activity at training camp in Foxborough. Which follow just one week of padded practices this all goes back to the. Twenty eleven collective bargaining agreement when the NFL's players association held firm for shorter offseason programs and fewer padded Practices. It was, something coaches didn't necessarily like back them but discuss less now what does patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Think about practicing and they preseason we just gotta keep string string and days together take advantage of opportunities to go up there and proven Trust the process so again having multiple And consecutive days together as what we need this time of year and after a week of practices, with no joint workouts against another team how would Bella check assess his team's progress. Speak for all of. Us myself included they don't wanna process we've been in Cam for the week to ten. Days depend on when they came in, when we came in when we started we're making, progress will have a long way go we're all long way from where we need to, be training camp resumes, tomorrow in, Foxborough opening, kickoff on Thursday seven thirty. Chris pharma, WBZ sports Yelling seizing, traffic on, the threes ten minutes The traffic watch never stops on NewsRadio, ten thirty WBZ. News time to forty four traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive. Traffic, on the. Threes. And here is Mike king. Yeah thanks are boy we've got troubles out. There this will start with four ninety five southbound it's backed up five miles Chelmsford down into Westford as. The remains. Of a car fire just before route one. Nineteen you wanna stay left to get by there elsewhere the expressway crawling. Out of the tunnel down towards the gas tank you're on the breaks down past granted. F. and then furnace brook Parkway to the split northbound is tough going from Braintree past neponsit than. Approaching the tunnel as for route three south Welt you're in it from Braintree all the way to Germany straight and northbound is slow from two twenty eight up into him one twenty eight southbound backed up before. The pike down a Highland avenue and re twenty-five. West is backed up over a mile through Wareham that's. A crash about a mile before one ninety five, now the mass turnpike Westbound's good. Leaving. The city all, lanes are open by com avid at this point the lower deck of the Tobin bridge Okay the Leverett up ramp is slow the. Ted Williams tunnel westbound backed up inside so is that eastbound connector tunnel. And then up to the north one twenty eight north heavy and slow route three a...

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