2018 NFL training camp preseason players to watch


A few more days of practice Head of them still and the latest is Anthony Costanzo and the way that coach. Reich kinda describes the injury to Costanzo is Oh it he had it and he's got it back and he's gonna There's. Gonna be some rest right he's gonna. Need a little bit of time. It's as vague as. Anything, out. There I'm wondering about Costanza 's future tell me I'm wrong Yeah Tony I I don't know about in terms of long term but I think. It's something to monitor the, rest? Of the that it'd be the first injured. Hamstring about two weeks before training camp. Started and then re tweaked it. During Friday night practice It's. Been really really durable NFL career he's only miss three games, maybe since his rookie season it's eleven and he looked, at positions on the colts. Roster and talk about depth I think left tackle might be, the most bear and unproven position on the roster so Dongo's bend your left tackle for the last seven years and he's going to miss a little bit of. Time, and, that, is very vague and maybe he doesn't play the, rest of the pre season but you would think just a tweaking of a hamstring he would be able to go by the regular season opens up here in a little over a month So you don't see it as a serious thing when you take a, look at the injuries that he had last year No, he was hoping last year two years ago think or maybe even the year before that when he was heard so I I don't. Think it's anything to fret over long term why. This is a guy that has been extremely extremely durable in bell career That guy wanting the, blind side of you know Through that awful twenty eleven so you end up through Angeles early. Years in these past couple of years as well I don't think it's anything that. It's a reoccurring injury that happened for several years maybe came back a little bit too soon, from that hamstring injury and and he openly. Admitted he kinda. Over trained in the off season so rest stuff you don't. Need a Santa Costanza in the month of August you need to see some of these other guys play left tackle in case this does become a lingering issue talking to. Kevin Bowen from ten seventy the fan dot com that's where you go to get all of. His latest on what's going on a training camp one of the things I noted is that when it comes to running back where, a little bit, of everywhere and nowhere on here we've, got MAC I think people are happy with him. But you, need a, little bit of that day Angela shoulder maybe better, but he still needs to hand off the ball who is he handing off to and, what are we seeing a lot of young guys Tony with Robert Turbin suspended for the first, four games James Andrew lock arguably I think the top three running back to the roster none, of them have, played with lock when you talk about, Marlin MAC going into the second season the mid. Rookies and, I am, highs and Jordan Wilkins as well and Jim Irsay, had quite hyperbole on Friday night saying that he thinks Marlee Matlin rush for fifteen hundred, yards this season I don't know if anyone in for Is He has his, bell Donald Trump of, sports just don't let them tweet Did he tweet which one was it he said it yeah. Said that we have three hundred and fifty yards rushing all last year so that's that's quite the jump for the second year back and especially. On the colts have said they want to be running back by committee so I think there are some young pieces to work with with MAC and what Jordan Wilkins the fifth round pick, out of night's camp, and I kind of bored More of a hybrid player probably help you out on special teams maybe a wide out as well so that's really really. Unproven and when roster cuts happen and the end of August you know you might be a decision that you look for more of a, more of a veteran objects I. Do think there, is something. To work with their but if the group they just, hasn't proved, themselves on the NFL level quite yet as you see it so far as in training camp Who is the player that we should be looking at and who's the player who you think is causing the most concern But I. Think a player that's really, surprises then the Niko Autry new defensive lineman signed from Oakland this past season. Back in March, I think one of the I think it was the first free, agent signing, McColl patio in, twenty eighteen and you know when you're talking about quit Nelson and how dominant the rookies ban, you know in full pads the guy that have occasionally been Autry and. The colts need some help with this new four three Friday and, Autry I think could be kind of a nice surprise I. Think that a guy that you feel, good about concern standpoint I'd probably go back into the secondary and go Quincy Wilson the second round pick some last year Who figure to be. Maybe the number one cornerback a corner in. General I think as a physician group that hasn't had a lot of play making here. In the first couple of, weeks at grand park and they're rotating a lot of bodies there doesn't look. Like many documents, in terms of starters and that group so they need Quincy Wilson, to a, merge because you, spent a second round pick on them you know we know full well how valuable corners are, today that I Sal and the colts just don't have a lot to. Work with with that you know kind of really a it's of, your top four corners I would say three of them are..

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