Massive wildfire rages after becoming largest in California's history


Battle what is now the largest wildfire in California's state. History also coming up more. About the cave creek. Man who died after jumping, out of a freezer in a Manhattan restaurant and. Attacking a worker and. Now they're top story here's Jayme west horrific start to California's wildfire season which is now delivered. The largest fire in state history are, wildfire expert KTAR Jim cross is live with the. Latest Jamie right now eighteen large fires, burning in California fourteen thousand firefighters running around, the clock almost three hundred firefighters from Arizona over there. Overnight the Mendocino, complex. Fire. Exploded in size becoming the largest wildfire record in. California history two hundred eighty three thousand acres. Bigger than Los Angeles this is ABC woah Carl Thomas fire became, the largest fire in California's history that fire broke out in December and overnight the, Mendocino complex fire surpass that. Fire Keep in mind, we're still only in August now right now, there are more than a million and a half acres. Burning in fourteen, states. Most. Of it in the west nine of those fires but those are not threatening homes live in. The news center Jim cross KTAR news Thank you Jim at six. Thirty one and now from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center here's detour Dan thank you, sir we did pick up a new freeway crash. Believe it or not it's not. On ice editing there's like three of them for over on the seventeenth we'll touch on in the second. The new just came in on the east side westbound US sixty west of alma school and it's off left up against that, median wall the other crashes on the seventeenth just referred to one of them just cleared, northbound seventeen north of sixteenth street that was out of there but, the other two remain northbound seventeen north. Of Dunlap and northbound seventeen near. Peoria. Both crashes off to the right surface streets be careful which ones you choose, the twenty seventh avenue is closed on your, this morning north and southbound for police investigation work. From Indian school to Campbell the half mile or north. Of there but it is in. Both directions thirty fifth and. Nineteenth avenues would come in handy van Buren west of nineteenth avenue a crash and grand avenue at Thunderbird equation and just want, to give you a. Heads up this is going to be the I ten frontage..

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