As tariffs strike, China blames U.S. for 'largest-scale trade war'


Welcome to newsday from the bbc world service with connie shop in london and allen kasuga income ac in gone our top story a diver involved in bringing supplies to the young football team trapped in a tight cave has died we'll talk to a diving expert about how this might have happened saving the history and culture of ghana through technology we hear from a pasta who sees it as his mission in life you create an up to play the game and then to also keep steady what our forefathers left for us as far as war is concept philip hampshire the starting pistol on a trade war may just have been fired three hours ago the us impose twentyfive percent tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods china declared it typical trade bullying and slap the same back on american goods after the latest hello jerry smith with the bbc news a former diver with the thai navy has died in the operation to rescue twelve young footballers from a flooded cave the caving expert had volunteered to try to help save the football is being transferred nearly two weeks jonathan head is at the entrance to the cave the authorities say petty officers someone who's making the difficult five hour journey back from distributing compressed air tanks along the route to the cave where the boys and their coach have been trapped for the past two weeks when he became unconscious and could not be revived the navy says it's divers will continue their mission today they will try to take a communication line and a pipe carrying oxygen into the cave where oxygen levels have dropped the head of the divers team describes their supply mission as tough with no light and some difficult tight turns in underwater passages china has accused the united states have igniting the biggest trade war in economic history after washington began imposing tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing won't it would retaliate immediately johnson worth reports from beijing after months of threats counter threats and failed negotiations the trade war between the world's two biggest economies appears to have begun that midnight us time tariffs of twenty five percent went into effect against a long list of chinese goods ranging from heavy industrial machinery to led light bulbs china immediately issued an angry statement accusing the us of bullying and of launching the world's largest ever trade war it has already said it will retaliate similar scale john sudworth seven members of a japanese codes which carried out a deadly nerve gas attack on the tokyo subway more than two decades ago hoping executed shoko asahara the leader the own machinery care group was among those hanged after years on death row thirteen people died and thousands more were hurt when members of the couch release the nerve agent sarin on the tokyo metro system in one thousand nine hundred five these people in tokyo said he was right for members of the group to be executed i suppose we will never know the whole truth but what they have done is so grave that they deserve this consequence victims are still suffering but even if the executions will not fully hill such people should be put to death the us secretary of state mike pompeo has arrived in north korea on his first visit since last month's meeting between its leader kim jong un and president trump this to pump pao's under pressure to produce evidence that young young is taking steps towards denuclearization as promised to the historic summit in singapore us intelligence officials said last week they believe the north korea had a number of secret nuclear sites world news from the bbc talks will take place later in vienna to try to salvage the iran nuclear deal following the us withdrawal from the agreement earlier this year the iranian foreign minister will meet his counterparts from the five signatories that still backed the accord iran has already voiced disappointment at eu proposals to save the deal the british prime minister theresa may will gather her entire cabinet has her country retreat today for what's being described as a crunch meeting on brexit they'll attempt to agree a joint vision of the uk's future relationship with the european union his horse is they will be there for hours on twelve hours trying to fresh out the details of what the u k wants from his post brexit trading plans and the deep divisions of this those who favor very close ties with the new they say for.

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