3 finalists for Seattle police chief job pledge to hold officers accountable at public forum


Made by billboard owners the three finalists for seattle's next police chief faced a very different line of questioning at a community forum last night instead of crimefighting the focus was on officer misconduct komo's joel moreno with how the candidates responded i up with seattle's interim police chief carmen best was asked how she would get officers to understand the culture of the people that police have their biases what we have to do is make sure that people are operating from a place where those diocese are affecting the way to the interacting with people eddie for sale has a long career with the minneapolis police and was pressed on how he could get police to deescalate confrontations instead of simply firing their guns didn't need a leader out there that not only will enforce reforms but that will get back at the bottom boots on the ground training with the austin police department was a final candidate and says knowing the people in the community is the best way to protect them the time to build a relationship is not after you have a critical incident right the time to build a relationship is before the time to build a relationship is now seattle mayor jenny durkan will interview the finalists on friday it's expected she will make her selection sometime before the end of the month that's komo's joel moreno on announcement happening today in seattle is expected to impact fast food workers nationwide state attorney general's office says seven large corporations have agreed to change their practices to benefit workers will bring you those details when the news conference happens at ten am twenty four seven news the news you want when you want it on komo news i'm michael preston.

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