Trump shares 'very nice' letter from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un


That he and his house judiciary committee called exempt some big decisions to make if we find criminal activity going on here we're going to have to refer that over to the attorney general's office and see what jeff sessions and his team will do with that strikes former fbi lover lisa page is scheduled to testify president trump twit tweeted out a letter this morning that he says he's received from north korean leader kim jong un in the letter dated july the sixth says that his meeting with trump in singapore was the start of a meaningful journey wound refers to trump as quote your excellency and says he extends his convictions that another meeting between the two leaders is in the future ktar is on the economy under governor doug ducey is way again on a new report showing why arezzo china is a top place for business simply put he's not surprised cnbc ranked arizona twentieth on it's best state for business lists up six spots from last year the governor tells ktar more people are moving here and for good reason we've created over a hundred and sixty thousand private sector jobs in the last three years and had three hundred companies were you locate tarazona right now see says there are more jobs available than there are people to fill them adding the key moving forward is not increasing taxes or regulations jeremy foster ktar news well if you're hoping to get to a build a bear location today to take advantage of the pay your age event you are out of luck the company now says they can't accept anymore guest at any of their us locations due to crowd and safety concerns at build a bear the third arizona diamondbacks player is going to be headed to the major league baseball all star game in washington later this month pitcher zack greinke he has been named as a replacement attendee for the game he replaces chicago cubs starter john lester who was unavailable to pitch into game because the cubs moved up one of his starts and pitched him too late before the all star game grank he joins fellow dbox paul goldschmidt and patrick corbin on the national league team that follows seven with traffic every six minutes here's larry lewis live from the valley chevy dealers traffic center bob we got double trouble now ten westbound we've got.

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