How the Lakers are going to use Lebron James next season


Yesterday irvine and i had a conversation and lebron echoed this sentiment that i think to try to play the warriors in their own game is a trap no one's going to beat them at their own game and so that's why we wanted to add these elements of sort of defense and toughness and depth and try to look at areas where we'll have an advantage it makes sense the explanation makes sense and i'll get to that in just a second but here's young misset espn reporter on the six pm sports center with jay harris yesterday explaining the rationale behind with the lakers have done this off season or it's interesting the lakers are taking a clear departure from how other teams have been built around lebron james in the past rob pelinka said that he saw how the houston rockets had some success against golden state this season particularly on the defensive side which may be a little bit surprising and that's why they went out and got a lot of tough grizzled veterans like regime rondo land stevenson to play defense also add playoff experience and rob pelinka said he magic johnson and lebron james all agreed on one thing they cannot fall into the trap of basically trying to be golden state at its own game young masek talking about the rationale behind with the lakers have done this off season around the brawn james now here's what makes sense to me because lebron was with the cleveland team forget this year okay go back to two years ago the nba finals golden state wins and five cleveland off offensively in a five game series shot fifty three percent they averaged almost one hundred fifteen points game they had three starters in that series shoot fifty four percent or better lebron averages a triple double nearly thirty four points a game kyrie irving averages twenty four they stood no chance of winning the series they lost in five and so on the surface yet we've tried this right we we've tried to surround the brown with guys who can make outside shots and more offensive minded team we may be sacrifice and toughness.

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