In less than a minute, four thieves steal over $27,000 worth of goods from an Apple store


The culture and the borders language culture our society she's a hero to to the left wing in america then is an interesting video thieves swiped twenty seven thousand dollars worth of gadgets in a brazen apple store heist it's worth watching the video that i got from the new york post i put it on michaelsavage dot com because the four young man she the young men no description let's put it this way they're wearing hoodies and they run very fast and they dash into the store wearing hoodies and sweatpants and they lightning in a lightning speed they slap laptops shut rip them from cords and while another pair of wonderful wonderful athletic young men yank out tethered iphones as terrified millennials doc under the tables the group of invaders then take off their arms loaded with stolen goods and knocking a few people over and there's no comment on this one i know i have an iphone store an apple store emmy they have three guards inside and out now because of the visitors who were doing this and that store it's about time and one of the guards talk to me said i said why don't you stop them before they go in you know they're not going to buy anything he said we can't do that we're not allowed to do that we have to let them rob something before we can stop them and even then they can't stop them can you believe it they'll be called like profiling if they stopped the guys were doing it's a gang it's a team it's what they do for a living but no no no look the other way keep looking the other way let you country be invaded let your stores be invaded let your brain be invaded doesn't matter say nothing say nothing do nothing no nothing just support hillary clinton and the ginsburg ruth bader ginsburg that's all that make you a good person there's no business like show business like play the no business like show business song did i run in through the iran through the whole opening of the show without a call and nothing play there's no business like show biz the before i plots here i need a break and i'll take some calls eight five five four hundred seven to eight to click on the switch gonna switch i don't get launch a bomb that will allow texaco left attorney me when i was a kid i watched the milton berle show these two texaco man there's no texaco stores anymore nothing do you think supreme court justice you should have shorter terms a lot of people are calling on that one trending also trending trending on the savage nation is the other question is should nato pay more for the defense that's not trending at all next also trending assured the trump white house bring in cultural figures who would you recommend to a concert a reading that sorta trat trending on the savage nation and then the issue of are you falsely believing that marijuana is gonna cure something for you are you smoking or ingesting marijuana because of the propaganda out there all this and more right here on.

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