TSA screeners win immunity from abuse claims: appeals court


Court ruling may open a can of worms tsa agents aren't law enforcement and can legally run roughshod over travelers federal appeals court ruling the tse screeners at airports have virtual immunity from claims of assault and false arrest the third circuit court of appeals in philly said that the transportation security administration officers can't be sued because they are not in investigating and they're not law enforcement officers the ruling involved a floor the woman who sued the tsa for faults arrested imprisonment that came after a security check ended with her being jailed the judges who ruled in the majority said that they sympathize with the idea that fliers don't have much opportunity to file grievances very interesting adult film star stormy daniels reportedly under arrest here's fox's jill nato with that story stormy daniels reportedly busted after leading patrons at a strip club in columbus ohio toucher the touching is a violation of state law her lawyers sent out a tweet saying daniels was performing the same axes performed across the nation at nearly a hundred strip clubs this was a setup and politically motivated it reeks of desperation daniels claims to have had an affair with president trump in two thousand six when he was married she's suing the president and his former lawyer michael cohen trying to get a nondisclosure agreement about it that she signed declared to be invalid chill nato fox.

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