Dead Bird found in North Shore tests positive for West Nile virus in Milwaukee County


Again on Sunday Scott wars has, sports at seven fifteen top military official questioning the wisdom of President Trump's White House invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the idea of the US in Russian military is. Working. To repatriate Syrian refugees was discussed at last week's summit in Helsinki the top US general in the Middle East is hesitant about the idea given Russia's track, record in Syria supporting. The Assad regime Russia but for now talk of cooperation is an idea that can't. Happen because US law prohibits the, US military from cooperating with Russia because of its seizure of Crimea Lee Martinez ABC news police Nevada see a man. Is under arrest in connection with a fatal shooting inside a Mormon church the suspect. John. O'Connor attended the Sunday service at the church before opening fire supposedly aiming to people fell in police chief Kevin Gherman upon arrival officers of two persons that, were injured by gunfire One person has subsequently died currently undergoing treatment for what's, reported as a non life-threatening leg wound another. Shooting Milwaukee's, now at sign up for the weekend, this Saturday night about ten to fifteen tenth and center police. Say, a forty eight year old man was on the sidewalk when someone fired at him from a passing. Vehicle victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries still looking for the suspect former. Milwaukee county supervisor. Peggy west making her first court appearance today facing a. Felony charge of election fraud that after an investigation by. Police in the county ethics board she lost her spot, is twelfth district, supervisor last spring Northshore getting a health scare health department discovering the first case of West Nile in a dead crow now north shore residents like. John, Bailey are, taking, precautions, to, make sure they don't get bitten by mosquitos I'm definitely willing to be hot to keep. The mosquitoes off that's for sure so it's pants and long sleeves to keep, bugs away I think that's the way to go for the cats the health department warning people to stay away from Segment water and to try and stay inside during, dawn and.

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