The world's first mental health ambulance arrives in Sweden


Stockholm is the first city in the world to deploy an ambulance specifically for responding to mental health crises. The ambulance is run by a psychiatric emergency response team or Pam. These folks are trained to deal with mental health issues and crisis here in the states. Mental health emergencies are usually dealt with by police and emergency medical workers. It's a lot to expect them to have the exact training on how to deal with the complicated mental health situation. Ocoee Bjorn starter. A Pam paramedic told vice media when police are around, it'll easily cause a patient to feel like they've done something wrong. Mental illness is nothing criminal, so it doesn't make sense. The first year of Pam has been so successful in Stockholm. It's expanding to other cities around Sweden. Maybe we'll start seeing something similar here in the states. I hope so. That would be, I think that makes a lot of sense.

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