Lab-grown lungs transplanted into pigs


News if you're on an organ. Transplant waiting list it can be a long rough. Wait that's especially true for people needing lung transplant says donor lungs, are hard to come. By now. There may be new hope. Thanks to new research being conducted at. The university of Texas medical center at Galveston scientists there has successfully created. A new lung for a pig using the animal's own. Cells and that idea is not. New creating new organs from the recipients owned cells is something of a holy grail in medicine such Oregon's would significantly reduce the risk of, rejection of these organs often fail because they. Do not properly developed blood vessel networks but. Researchers at UT EMC have used a new method to build pig lungs that not. Only filled with air but continued to grow, after transplant, developing those blood Vessels it could be great news. For the nearly fifteen hundred, people currently awaiting lung transplant in the

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