Kerry Perry out as USA Gymnastics CEO


It's seventy four degrees. When's it okay? For police to use a taser on a child that question's been raised ever since. It's this anti officer used his taser to stop an eleven year old girl suspected of shoplifting from the spring grove Kroger. Several members of council of questioned the current policy which allows the use of tasers on someone as young as seven was actively resisting arrest, at least you've Elliott is Stuart city hall this morning to talk about this before councils law and public safety committee. Well, Cincinnati bell pull its name off the streetcar this week marks the two year anniversary of the Cincinnati bell connector running on the streets of Cincinnati. And the sponsor says it's reconsidering paying for the naming rights Enquirer says since I bells expressed concerns with the city over operation of the street. Car contract for naming rights give Cincinnati bell. And now if the streetcar becomes the object of ridicule it's never met expectations for ridership which continues to decline in the first year averaged about two thousand rides per day. Now that numbers down to fourteen hundred Red Stripe to even up the series in Pittsburgh tonight with parrots airtime. Here is six zero five former red Brandon Phillips is returning to the major leagues with a shot at a championship. Ring. He's expected to be called up by Boston today to help with their pennant drive. Couldn't handle the heat Roger Federer out of the US. Open beaten last night by an unseeded player from Australia better says John millman handled the hot humid conditions better than he did tonight. And let's just one of those nights where I guess I felt I couldn't get air snow circulation at all and. I don't know. For some reason, I just struggled in the conditions tonight. Veterans lost means there will not be a rematch of the western and southern finals at the US open between Federer and Novak Djokovic, Fairfield gymnastics. Coach didn't even last a week as the elite development coordinator for the US women's program. Mary Lee, Tracy runs. Cincinnati gymnastics academy was hired and fired within days her dismissal came after a number of gymnasts question, why the program would bring in someone who defended a doctor who abused hundreds of girls. Now, the president of US gymnastics is out as well. In her nine months on the job, USA gymnastics, president and CEO Kerry Perry has been criticized for her lack of leadership and communication. USA gymnastics had no title sponsor for its national championships last month following the Dr Larry Nassar scandal. Only forty seven of the seventy approved recommendations were fully implemented. The Perry created athlete task force. Did not include one Nassar survivor, USA gymnastics recently hired a coach who supported Dr Larry.

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