Pros that have played in the Little League World Series


This week, Sunday baseball's actually going to be the little league classic in williamsport, Pennsylvania. We've got the Phillies the Manson, Jess you already there. What are you doing there? So early that you when I talk, I I literally games. I mean, this is this is where at that, but there I'll tell you and I got two boys. I'm a little league coach. I don't know if I should admit that because sometimes if good and bad, but being here we the first opening day, lily World Series got four games, four more tomorrow you on Saturday. And then I'll have a game Sunday prior to our Sunday night game with the Phillies vets. But it's it's cool in the scene here. You'll be here soon BUSTER, but it's it's, it's pretty special. Yeah, you did this game last year? I did not do it. I was on vacation. What's it? Like when you get the big leaguers mixing with a little leaguers. The coolest thing BUSTER in, you know, we, we've seen it only once. You know the cardinals and the pirates here last year and what was really took me aback as expect. Obviously, when the big leaguers get here, the literally will be running up and getting autographs and photos and southeast and Instagram stories and all that. As soon as I remember the cardinals got here first before the pirates and they got off the bus and they were going after because they'd already watched a few of the games. They literally new kids names. You know, Carlos Martinez had some kids internationally that he like. I think it was a catcher Venezuela that he was like, totally adamant. I need to find this kid. I want my photo. Can I get your picture? Got his autograph, and it was so genuine. And this is before the cameras were even on them, or I mean, these big leaguers were fans of these kids. And to me, that's what makes us special is I think we only a bit of a reminder of like why the game of baseball is really played, but especially those guys not to like knock any player by any means, but. I think one hundred sixty two games. You would get it at the grind, but you get here and oh my gosh. Is it exuding up every just pure love for the game? You know, are they that towns and most of them aren't, but oh, they love it and it rubs off and you can tell when the big leaguers get here that there's a little bit of that. Just I remember when I was eleven years old. I remember when I was twelve and you know the stories just come out and it's it's cool and it's important. Along those lines about the players who play in the Little League World series. This week's poll question is who among the alum of the Little League World series, my goodness. There's so many from Chris story. The, you know, the the NHL player who so many current major leaguers Scott Kingery, Michael Conforto in our game or guys who played Little League World series, but who is the best alum of the Little League World series was played in the big leagues in the four choices and believe me. We could have had so many more Todd Frazier, Jason Varitek, Gary Sheffield or Dwight Gooden who would be the best alum of those four. You know, I put Todd Frazier, I voted this week because there's something about him that still just screams little league. I mean, anyone who's ever been around Todd Frazier and BUSTER. I know you know this, you've been around him. I mean, and part of its maybe his size and just as demeanor and the way he acts. I mean, he, he, he's still just has kid and love for the game the way he plays the game. And this is twenty year anniversary of the team that he one Little League World series with with Tom's river New Jersey, and they're all coming back. He's throwing out the first pitch, and I feel like in covering now the Little League World series. My fourth year, those images are the ones that are still

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